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Site performance

Today, I enabled the final major set of site performance improvements (as, hopefully, you’ll have noticed). You’ll get the very best possible load times when logged out, but it should still be much improved even when logged in and commenting.

One side effect of these changes is that in browsers that block non-secured sources on pages loaded via https://, certain page elements (including style sheets) won’t be loaded and the site will look decidedly odd. This won’t affect most users because https:// access is not the default (HTTPS is only used for logins) but I’m aware that some users force HTTPS access.

I don’t expect any problems arising from this, but please let me know of any issues or strangeness in the comments.

Email notifications (new articles and comments)

As of August 27th, Automattic (publishers of and Jetpack) finally fixed the broken link problem in email notifications for new articles and comments. So far, so good but, as ever, let us know if you see any problems.

Comment editing

I’m sorry to say that I’ve heard nothing more beyond our initial contact with the comment edit plugin author, and so have nothing new to report. We’ll keep at it.

In the meantime, use the https:// work-around if you need to fix up a typo.

Update: The plugin author has come back with a fix, and comment editing now appears to be working again. Post any problems in the comments below.

As the team continues to make enhancements to the site in the buildup to the long-awaited AVfM 3.0, watch for more updates from us. Cheers everybody!

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