I suppose it is inevitable for the personal investors in the man-o-sphere that we have to occasionally speak up in our efforts to pass the hat. I think most of us would rather imagine that the donation buttons we put on our home pages will just magically attract and inspire people to drop something in the tip jar.

Nobody likes asking for money.

But since I am going to do just that, I hope to do so without a sales pitch. So let me just lay out the facts. One, I am compelled to refrain from using Google Ads for three good reasons. First, they make a good neighborhood look like a trailer park. Second, they bring with them advertising from almost every enemy there is to the MRM. For instance, if I write a piece on some feminist hack, the system reads the text and the next thing you know a banner ad for one of her books is flashing and blinking on the home page.

Not good.

Last, and most important, Google loves control, and the organization is infested with capricious ideologues who love to play invisible, untouchable censor. So the bottom line deal with google is that in exchange for some nickels and dimes they will trash up your website with garbage and then play petty dictator about your content.

So Google is out. And that leaves you and me.

I am not going to lie to you. If no one ever gives a dime to this site it will still be here. You won’t be getting any threats that the doors will close if I don’t raise some money to help with the expenses. I am not a wealthy man, for sure, but any way you look at it, I will scrounge out a way to keep this thing going as long as I am sucking air.

But even some loose change from those of your who enjoy the work would be really appreciated. Here is the button and the permanent one is set up at the bottom of the page:

Thanks in advance for those that choose to help out.


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