Passing the Hat, not the Buck

I originally made the agreement with readers that I would stay out of their hair about money except with each change of season.  It didn’t occur to me at the time that this time of year would put that four days before Christmas, so I delayed it till after the first.  As it turns out, recent events give me the opportunity to try to kill two birds with one stone.

There has been a lot of excitement about making some headway with the MSM because of the recent mention of AVfM in the NY Times. I certainly share the enthusiasm. It is a small, but real hole punched through a wall that separates us from a much larger audience (not accidentally, I’m sure). And now it remains to be seen if we can tear at that small hole until it opens up enough to push a large wooden horse through.

I am in for that effort.

I have made it clear that if some see leadership in me, I don’t really see it in myself. It’s actually a moot discussion. It is what it is. And I am going to keep on doing what I am doing, regardless. I do know, though, that I have to remain on the same track as when I started. Well that, with some additions.

Friend Bill Price over at The Spearhead has made the call for attempts to initially push our message into radio stations, and suggested, along with others, that I would be at least one good choice for that kind of effort.  I am in for that as well.  So to begin with I have decided to set up an internet radio station and start broadcasting once a week.  It is an idea I have had mulling around for a while. It should give me some good practice for the future, as well as provide another tool for the movement.  I also plan to put together some media promos to try to get some MSM spots. I would welcome consultation on that from anyone in the know.

Also, to assist with the PR end, I am selecting my top articles over the past couple of years and putting them into a book for distribution in soft back books and all electronic formats, including Kindle.

I am fortunate that I am in a position to dedicate a lot of time to this, and have the freedom to dedicate more, but I am in that position because I am satisfied living the life of a poor activist, not because I am well off.  Far from it.

That’s the deal.  I am on freaking fire to take this on, but I need to add some extra umph to the call this time for donations. This stuff is going to cost, both from a lot of time and some other expenses that can’t be paid in sweat. So I really need those that can to slide some plastic or send a check to the P.O. Box. As usual, I will scratch and claw at getting things done regardless of finances, but right now the money would help expedite matters at a critical time.

I know there as some really good plans starting out there, and I will help with those as I can, but for the foreseeable future my activist mission is going to be dedicated to making more videos, growing and promoting this awesome website and moving toward the radio market.

So, here’s the button (with my thanks). Let’s saddle up this pony and ride.

Or send check or money order to:

Paul Elam
P.O. Box 301172
Houston, TX 77230
(No Minimum Donation)
Email me at

Oh, and a PS here.  It should hardly be surprising that the NY Times closed comments on their article that took a shot at me.  Half the people who were in that article with McGrath kissing their ass were the very people, Kimmel and Heasly, et al, that I have been outing in the men’s studies community for conning the public with misdandry. It was rigged to be the only conversation they can handle. One way. These are the same clowns that make occasional drive by comments here, send me admonishing emails and now, it seems, are calling out a big gun to fight for them because they can’t do anything with me themselves but run away.

I’d like to discuss this more on the air.

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