New AVfM submission guidelines for writers

Part of the good news of AVfM’s success is also the bad news. Managing this website has become quite time consuming; so consuming, in fact, that it is having a negative impact on my ability to fully engage other projects that need my attention.  And it has caused serious delays with the timely processing of articles that I post from emails.

So, in effect today, new procedures will be in place regarding submissions for publication on this site.  For new, first time writers, nothing will change.  The procedure to submit your material is outlined above in the masthead link for Join the Choir.

After your first article has made the cut here, you will be required to request a contributor level account which will allow you access to the AVfM admin where you can directly submit your article for publishing and review, if you want to submit any further articles.

For those of you unfamiliar with wordpress, it is not difficult.  I am including a tutorial with this post.

On that note, allow me to make a few suggestions.

  1. Choose a byline and include it in the article at the top.  Obviously, because of the climate of gender tyranny that exists, you are not required to use your real name, but a byline is still required.  So, if you want to be known as Zetamonster Ungodly Destroyer of Feminist Lies, that is fine (if you insist) but put the word “By” in front of that and put it at the top.
  2. Use a spell check before submitting.  Anyone who reads me regularly spots the hypocrisy in this. I almost always have at least one, maybe more misspelled words that slip through each piece.  It happens easily, but I do try, often going back into my pieces and correcting things I missed after they are posted.
  3. Your piece may be edited.  If I spot typos, or if I spot a sentence that is formed so poorly that it doesn’t make sense, I am going to correct it. If I need to make any changes that I think even slightly alters the intent of what you are saying, I will contact you and discuss changes before posting.
  4. DON’T RELY ON THE USE OF ALL CAPS TO MAKE YOUR POINTS EVEN THE REALLY REALLY IMPORTANT ONES BECAUSE IT COMES ACROSS LIKE SCREAMING ON THE PAGE.  Seriously, the use of occasional caps and bold text can help a piece, but if you are using a lot of caps and bold text you are probably underestimating the impact of your writing on its own.

Thanks for bearing with these changes. They will help you get your work in front of readers in a much more timely fashion, and help me free up time for other business.

If you have recently submitted an article (except first submissions), but it has not run, please email me a request for your contributor account.

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