Movember & IMD 2012

Well, it has been settled. The federal government will continue to ignore men’s health issues for at least another four years. Fortunately, election month in the U.S.A. is also Movember, a movement to increase grass roots awareness of men’s health issues. It is also the month that International Men’s Day has its annual commemoration. Here is a Movember video and you can see one for IMD that was already in our featured video section before this was posted.

Also, some very supportive people have taken the time to select AVfM as their chosen cause for this month. Both of the following videos were made and sent to me unsolicited. I offer them here with respect and thanks to Wooly Bumblebee and The Critical G. If you have not subbed to their channels, please do. They are part of the growing chorus speaking to the issues we tackle at AVfM.

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