Monday Roundup for 24 June 2013

Howdy y’all.
Do you want to help the largest organization that’s ever worked for the cause of compassion for men and boys, and goes after those who spit on, mock, and marginalize your sons, brothers, uncles, boyfriends, fathers, and grandfathers? You can do that here. We hope you’ll help. You’d be shocked by how much we get done with how little around here.
For example, did you see Dan Perrins’ report on the hijinx of the University of Toronto’s Student Union? It’s with a mixture of nausea tinged with amusement that we watch these little Stalinist thugs in action. “Free speech for me, but not for thee” should be their motto.
Are you interested in the field of psychology and/or social work? Tom Golden, one of the best men’s and boys’ advocates in the United States, has a devastating look at sexism against males in psychological research. It’s astonishing how even when you know things are bad, someone who’s really looked into it can show you how much worse it is than you might have imagined. And yeah, it really is that bad. If you’re ever thinking about joining one of the so-called “helping professions,” you owe it to yourself to read everything Tom Golden’s ever written, including this. As a bonus, it’s part of a series, and we’re proud to publish not just this installment, but future installments. Tom’s one of the good guys, and I mean one of the really really good guys, in a field that hasn’t been good to boys or men in a long time.
Are you committed to thinking always of the interests of women first, damn whatever happens to men and boys? A lot of people in today’s culture are, even when it makes no sense at all. In fact, it is eerily reminiscent of the insanity of addiction. As a recovering addict who feels for those who are still suffering in the grip of insanity, I recommend following August Løvenskiolds 12 Steps for Freedom from Gynocentrism.
Attention world: John Birmingham has a big white dick. That is all.
If you’re Australian, or just a political junkie who’s interested in the horserace of election campaigning, don’t miss Why Gillard won’t go by Jim Muldoon. You don’t even have to really understand the Australian political system to get what’s going on here and why it’s fascinating. Hint: hateful ideological feminist groups are corrupting Australian politics. Will Australians keep falling for it in September’s elections?
Erin Pizzey’s classic samizdat, “Prone to Violence,” is and was one of the best texts on the realities of how abuse really works and what the most effective strategies for identifying it and coping with it are. It’s no wonder it’s unpopular with gender ideologues, for it lays bare how most of what they do isn’t just wrongheaded, it’s destructful. We are proud to reprint this suppressed classic book here on A Voice for Men, starting with the introduction. Watch for the entire book to be published her in the coming weeks, one installment at a time.
What is a Gonzo Historian? It’s one who actually sticks to verifiable facts and eschews subjectivity as much as possible. In these strange days where fact and reality are routinely ignored, there’s nothing more gonzo and crazy than actually sticking to the verifiable truth as much as possible, no matter its political implications. And our very own Gonzo Historian, Robert St. Estephe, does just that with Woman and her right to kill — from 1922.
Have you ever noticed that ideological feminists say that they’re about equality, but when they’re in political power, they demand special privileges and treatment for women? Yeah, you aren’t alone on that.
Did you know that Michael Kimmel is a disgusting human being and a disgrace as an academic? Well, he is. But if you’d like to be a disgusting human being and make money out of doing it, Della Burton will show you how it’s done.
Hey, if you’re male, did you forget to be ashamed of your sexuality? If you’re a woman have you remembered to shame the men you know for it? John the Other will help remind you?
Survivor of Ceaușescu’s Romania Lucian Vâlsan has been busy lately, and this time he’s taking on both Italian and Swedish feminists for that thing they most often deny doing: hating and oppressing men and boys.
Michele Weldon recently managed to publish a cringeworthy misandrist and self-serving piece on why fathers may not be all that important after all, and Grumpy Old Man notes how ironic it is that damaged women seem to hold an inordinate sway over our politics. Damaged men on the other hand? The cause of all the world’s problems, apparently. Rationalization hamster, anyone?
Dr. Helen Smith has written an absolutely terrific book on why men are going their own way–not that she uses that term, but it absolutely suffuses her book, which I plan on writing a review of soon. I also had the pleasure of interviewing her recently, and that should be appearing here on AVfM shortly as well. In the meantime, she’s graced our pages with 8 reasons straight men don’t want to get married. Which much of what she has to say will not be news to regulars to this establishment, anyone who’s new here may want to read it, and for anyone who’s wondering what you’re on about when you talk about these things, it’s a good start. I guess the Red Pill is seeping further and further into the mainstream isn’t it?
Remember Lorena Bobbit? Pierce Harlan does.
Can there be such a thing as a Woman Going Her Own Way? Diana Davison says yes, and before you say “no” you might want to read it all the way through.
August Løvenskiolds looks at today through the lens of the future. You are a strange man August, but I like the way your brain works anyway.
P.J. Reilly of Forbes was recently a patsy for someone no better than a Stalinist or a neo-Nazi. God what an idiot. “I don’t know what you’re really all about but you’re just a girl who says she wants equality so you can’t be evil or anything.” Will our culture ever be able to see women as rational adults culpable for their actions and as capable of evil as men?
Feminists ignoring, underplaying (hell, even celebrating) female sexual predators is nothing new. So why should we be surprised when the hatemongering bigots at Feministing get in on the act? We shouldn’t be, but Nicolai Rublev makes sure we don’t forget Feministing’s still out their acting as rape-enablers.
“Proof by repeated assertion of shoddy, dodgy, or outright false documentation” is also known as a “woozle.” Isaac Quill is the master of finding some of the more common Woozles, and returns to tell us about still more feminist woozles on violence and other assorted stupdities.
As usual our video section is regularly updated with cool stuff to watch or listen to. Of special note this last week would be Paul Elam apologizes to Stardusk, and that was nice to see after his otherwise sterling take on the recent MGTOW wars. Also don’t miss the video you should show anyone who gives you the old “women were oppressed by men until the brave women who won the vote for women” line: Pankhurst – the White Feather betrayal of history. Not that anyone thinks “wow let’s take the vote away from women,” the point is, the history we’re all fed on this is bullshit, and that one short video helps demolish it. Also, Robert O’Hara had a great radio appearance in Uganda, Kudi returns for some ancient mystical rodent advice, and the video that will make your heart swell with hope: see The children are coming.
In off-site news, Don Draper was raped and someone finally noticed. Also, a couple of weeks ago there was a kerfuffle involving some stupid mistakes of the editorial team, an article I promised to write on Google and search engines and the whole thing probably isn’t going to get written because I’m sick of the whole drama, but in case anyone’s still wondering about this, Jason Gregory is completely innocent of all wrongdoing, and has proven his innocence to false accusers, and we look forward to proudly featuring his work in the future. And I think we’ve otherwise had enough of this silliness and will take it all as a lesson learned during our current technical and editorial transition.
Finally, I’ll mention again that our fundraiser is serious business. The budget we operate on is ridiculously small for the amount we accomplish; indeed, if you think the cultural zeitgeist is that easy to change, you’re fooling yourself. If you want to help us keep doing this, there’s a good way to do it. Of course we could use your help in other ways too, and I’ll have an article up this week (I hope) on a few projects we could still use your help with.
So that’s it for this week’s roundup. See you in 7!
Image courtesy of Roger O’ Thornhill

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