Monday Roundup for 2 July 2013

Today’s Monday Roundup is being presented to you on a Tuesday, because AVfM suspended operations in memory of Senior Editor Suzanne McCarley’s late husband Mac. Suz, I will just echo Paul Elam’s words: we are aware that grief is a long process that lasts and lingers far past the initial reaction of support. The people of this community will be here for you for the long haul, Suz. Long after the flowers have wilted away and the the cards stop coming. You have been with us for the duration and we will do the same for you.

Now, life is for the living, and let us speak of other events we have seen here on A Voice for Men in the last week, both wonderful and tragic:

Our Summer 2013 fundraiser was a record-breaking smash. Activism, both direct activism and working hard to change the cultural landscape, takes time, hard work and, yes, money. We deeply thank those of you who appreciate that and who do whatever you can to help. If you think recent political events giving gynocentric attitudes and policies seen in places like Australia, Europe, Canada, and other places have nothing to do with the cultural forces we’re working so hard to change, well, we respectfully suggest you’re mistaken. But for those of you who get it, all we can do is humbly say thank you. And thank you we do!

Psychotherapist Tom Golden returned with Part 2 of his series on misandry in psychology: Ignoring abused boys. His in-depth review of published research and the attitudes underlying it is eye-popping; I wish I could say it’s surprising, but there’s so much poorly performed and ideologically driven research these days when it surrounds boys and men it’s astounding. It’s almost like men and boys aren’t even human. You definitely don’t want to miss Tom Golden’s series, and you’ll want to keep an eye out for future installments.

Facebook’s obscene kowtowing to a Stalinist mentality with a pretense of “protecting women” (but not men, of course) has been an ongoing problem. Victor Zen has a look at the trail of money leading to the Stalinist groups advocating censorship. It’s not pretty, but it’s important information. These thugs in skirts and their male enablers need to be exposed for what they are.

James Taranto of the Wall Street Journal (who, fair disclosure, I am Facebook friends and email acquaintances with) recently underwent an attempted cyber-mugging by the professional hate mongers at Jezebel, including Katie J.M. Baker as well as others. To our delight, Taranto refused to kowtow to their hateful bullshit, and put them in their place like the crypto-fascist pissants and liars that they are. On the other hand, we think Taranto, whom the Jezebel crowd dubbed a “cockroach,” did not go far enough in noting Jezebel’s hateful hypocrisy and stupidity. Diana Davison pulls out a wonderful treasure from history, the New York Tribune’s old “Archy the cockroach” character, and notes how as far as sharp social satire goes, Taranto is in very good company.

Oh yeah, and fuck you, Katie McDonough.

By the way, the world became a much better place last week when they fired Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard. No, really, they fired her! BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH THEY FIRED JULIA GILLARD! Oh man. Sure it doesn’t fix everything, but with any luck she and her professional hatemonger cronies from Emily’s List will never see the light of day again. That’s real cockroaches for you.

Artist, poet and essayist Dr. F. returned to grace our pages with the tale of Mr. Whippy, and left this reader, and others, wondering: why are we so fast to believe rumors about men and children, no questions asked?

Della Burton, a veteran social commentator on Reddit and other social media, has penned a rather stunningly complete expose on the Stalinist thugs at the group known as “ShitRedditSays,” as well as the thugs at Gawker and, yes, the sleazy scumbags at Jezebel. If you’re at all interested in who’s trying to control what you’re allowed to read and think on the internet, please don’t miss Fusk You SRS!, and thank you Della for all your hard work exposing these vermin.

Have you heard of Barry Williams? I’m ashamed to say that up until a month or so ago I never heard of him. I didn’t even know I’d never heard of him, or that I should have. Well I fixed that, and to help you fix it for yourself, please check out Men’s Human Rights Australia: Barry Williams. Considering just how many Australians read A Voice for Men, and the work of people like Barry, I have to say that between them and the Canadians they’re putting us Americans to shame when it comes to working on the human rights of boys and men. Listen up my fellow Yanks, and everybody, make time to listen to Barry speak.

Tired of hearing what men need to do to please women or make them happy? Jason Gregory flips the script and even coins a new term: “Panther,” to describe a woman who isn’t a dependent dishrag or self-entitled bitch. If you want some dating advice, especially in the online dating area, be sure to check out Jaguars Only: others need not apply. It’s nice to see a man actually, you know, saying what he wants in a woman.

We hear constantly about the so-called “war on women” here in the United States because various American politicians (of both sexes) still squabble about abortion. In the meantime, men continue to have no reproductive rights at all, which no one wants to talk about. In reproductive slavery, John Hembling reminds us that by comparison to women, men have no control over their reproduction and, worse, may be enslaved to another person’s choices. What was that “my body my choice” stuff again?

The story of circumcision in Africa, on boys and men of all ages, not always voluntarily and often under severe social pressure despite a dearth of scientific data to suggest it, goes deep. AVfM News Director Robert O’Hara has an interview with an anti-circumcision activist in Kenya. Isn’t it funny how we can all find great time to think about female genital mutilation over there but no one wants to talk about male genital mutilation?

Feminism and gay rights–they go together, right? Wrong. Feminism has a long dark history of alliances of convenience, at best, with many gay activists, and sometimes it’s much uglier than that. Be sure to check out Jim Doyle’s great piece on Feminism and gay bashing for more on a sordid part of history a lot of people wish you didn’t know about (or wish some of you would forget).

False rape accusations are nothing new. Gonzo historian Robert St. Estephe examines a rape case from 1896 that has all the same patterns as we tend to see today. What was that old line about those who forget history being doomed to repeat it?

In case you were wondering, our Summer 2013 donation drive was a smashing success. Activism of all sorts costs money, and those who say it’s wrong to ask for help are foolish. Nothing in this life is free, nothing. Thank you very much for those who understand that.

Former U.S. Presidential candidate and Senator John McCain did something right recently. We noticed. So did the National Coalition for Men. Let’s hope the Senator keeps doing the right thing. Civil rights and fundamental human rights in general aren’t just for women, last we checked anyway.

A mutilating monster has been given life in prison, although apparently she’ll be eligible for parole far too soon for our tastes.

Women have always been oppressed, right? But men haven’t, right? Or anyway not near as bad. We all “know” this right? It’s not even “feminist” to say so anymore, it’s just something “everybody knows.” Yet somehow, Jim Muldoon questions what everybody knows. How dare that thoughtless bastard?

The always friendly, gentle-tongued, and endearing John Hembling has a helpful guide for feminists on how not to sound like an idiot. That John, he’s our big cuddly teddy bear!

Dan Perrins, the men’s movement’s most dauntless and dogged boots-on-the-ground, never-say-die activist recently attended a Slutwalk in Hamilton. He found it very educational. Or maybe he was trying to make it educational, but no one there wanted educating. I’m not sure which. But either way, go Danny Boy!

Tired of snark on dumbass worthless men? August has some snarkage in a different direction you might like. What’s good for the gander’s good for the goose, right?

Meantime, in our video section we’ve always got something new and interesting. Of particular note this last week has been the latest episode of Domestic Violence Revelations with Erin Pizzey, a new barnburner on female privilege from Girl Writes What, more funny snark from Sparky Fister, an exceptional look at sexism in contemporary society that all your Blue Pill friends should see, and a video you should show all your friends who say brave suffragist women fought for equality when, in fact, it was nowhere near so simple as that.

As usual, on the radio front, in addition to a fantastic (and gripping) show with Erin, Lucian had a great show on the state of the European Union, while Bob and James had an interview with Harry Crouch, head of NCFM. Don’t miss ’em.

By the way, have we mentioned recently that PZ Myers tells rape jokes while bashing other people for telling them? Well just in case we hadn’t mentioned it before, we just thought we’d make sure you knew.

And if all that doesn’t keep you in reading and listening material to fill your week, just stay tuned, more exciting stuff to come this week, including more video and more radio. C’mon back y’all, ya hear?

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