Monday Morning Roundup

Something remarkable happened Friday afternoon. So remarkable we have to urge everyone at A Voice for Men to check this out and show some support for (believe it or not) the Huffington Post. Mike Sacks featured a half hour segment on male victims of female sexual predators, without any sneering, dismissal, marginalization, or attempts to change the subject to Bad Men and the Bad Things Men Do, or any attempt to change the subject to female victims (who do not deserve marginalization but are featured almost everywhere in popular culture already).
Featured in the discussion were Curtis St. John of, James Landrith, who published his own story on The Good Men Project (yes, we often give TGMP grief here, but kudos to them for publishing James’ piece), and AVfM Managing Editor Dean Esmay. Yes, I have some ego in this, but I can’t let it go, this is too important. This was a group of men talking like men about their experiences and not as weeping victims but in the more typical way men react to brutality inflicted on themselves, and yet still taken seriously by a major media outlet. We want to thank Huffington Post and Mike Sacks for sterling work here, and hope you encourage them to be brave enough to feature more stories like this. You can watch the video here:

…and we would encourage you to click here and leave HuffPo some positive feedback, hit “like,” retweet, etc. to expose others to this and to encourage the HuffPo people and their advertisers to take men’s issues seriously in this fashion. The story was on a Friday night, typically low in viewership. Well now let’s surprise them with a Monday morning surge of interest, eh?
When you’re done with that, we would also recommend reading Manufacturing Female Victimhood and Marginalizing Vulnerable Men by AVfM contributor Typhon Blue, and spreading that article around to help change the cultural zeitgeist on rape, helping people understand that female predators and male victims are far less rare than we are usually led to believe. You may also want to read Keith’s Story, as well as check out a number of the links that were left in the chat session at HuffPo Live. Seriously, just clicking there to show your support will help send Huffington Post and other outlets that there is good reason to take men’s issues more seriously. We are an audience and we do count.
In other news, we notice that our friends at A Voice for Boys are continuing to expand what they’re doing with their site. Show them some love and pop over there.
Also, feeling like stirring up some shit? Check out a related project, Who Needs Feminism?. I’ve already submitted my picture, have you?
Meanwhile, other things you might have missed lately include:
AVfM Contributor Girl Writes What has a new video on the evil, pernicious threat of “Nice Guys.” With a transcript! Check it out here.
Kitten-eating Men’s Rights supervillain Paul Elam penned quite a piece recently on women and their supposed closer connection to nature that you might want to point out to anyone who tries to tell you that men cause most of our environmental damage.
Andybob, The Gay MRA from Australia (too bad “Australia” doesn’t rhyme with “Gay” and “MRA” but hey, we can pretend) returns with a look at violent thugs writing for a cutesy artsy girly magazine Down Under.
We missed White Feather Day, the day that commemorates how women used to shame men into dying for the vote, but don’t miss the White Feather Day observation writeup by Andy Man.
Speaking of female predators, our European News Director Lucian Vâlsan notes that Europeans are as soft on female rapists as Americans are.
In case you missed it, we have some awesome new posters you may want to check out and post in a few places where they just might be seen by people who give a damn about men and boys.
And while we’ve got other stories and video this week on the violent FeministStalinist thugs at the University of Toronto, we’d be remiss in not reminding you about violent thug leader and liar Danielle Sandhu. She shouldn’t think we’ve forgotten her and her heel-clicking fascist sexist garbage-spewing. We haven’t. You shouldn’t either.
The One In Three project in Australia continues to make progress, by the way.
Once in a while a comment appears on A Voice for Men that makes us sit up and take notice. Dr. F did so recently with My Name Is Frank. If you didn’t read it, you should.
And finally, it’s worth remembering that The MRM is not for the spineless, because they’ll spew hate at us no matter what we say. Remember that the next time someone tells you our rhetoric is too harsh: for 40 years being polite just got us shoved aside. And they continue to lie about us without shame and with the most vile of false allegations. Remember that.

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