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[quote style=”boxed”]If you’re looking for some hot water, I can help you find it. ~ Jack White[/quote]

[dropcap]H[/dropcap]ello everybody. I’ll begin by saying I love flying! My favorite part is the take-off, followed closely by the landing. Roaring down the runway, feeling the fuselage tilt back as the plane climbs and banks to it’s course has never, in the last 4 decades failed to put a big smile on my face. As I write this, the planet is rotating about 30,000 feet beneath my seat over the wing of Air Canada’s flight 212 from Vancouver to Montreal — and then on to Toronto. The photo at the beginning of this article is the view directly to my left, shot from my cell phone. By the time you read this I will have landed and this article will have been emailed and edited by Paul before posting on the site. If it’s early on Thursday, I’m probably asleep in my hotel room in Toronto.

To the members of the University of Toronto Student’s Union, to the members of the thrillingly named “Revolutionary Student’s Movement” and to the members of the “Ontario Anarcho-Communist Collective”: Hi, I’m John the Other and I’m delighted to be here in Toronto. I’ll be attending Thursday’s presentation by Drs Nathanson and Young. I read Legalizing Misandry and Spreading Misandry as each book was published, and copies of both sit on my bookshelves back in Vancouver. I’ve also read some of the public statements by your groups, particularly the University of Toronto Student’s Union and the Revolutionary Student Movement (that name amuses me).

What is it exactly that you are revolting against? Your ideology, as nearly as I can figure, /is/ the current status quo in the western world. I thought it was organizations like AVfM who are working to effect change in public understanding, policy and social narrative.

However, concerning the announcement by the RSM that men’s human rights activists will be, according to the RSM, “condemned and physically challenged”. Are you jokers kidding me? I cannot read or retype those words without rolling my eyes and giggling. Street violence, right? That’s what you’re promising? Can it even be possible that you clowns are that stupid?

In case it’s not completely obvious by now, I’ll spell it out for you as clearly as I’m able. To everyone screaming, crying and working themselves up to commit violence, censorship and other public mischief: We’ve been saying for years that the ideology of gender you support is based on hatred and violence and you are proving us right. You are repeatedly proving that everything we’ve been saying is correct. In fact, your ridiculous, illegal and violent antics at each of the past presentations by the Canadian Association for Equality are why I’ve come all the way to Toronto. I want to see you perform your histrionic, absurdist and violent dance in person. I want to see it myself and capture it on video, because it is the most powerful and convincing message any of us can possibly send of the ethical, moral and factual bankruptcy of the populist ideology of gender and of the absolute urgent necessity of our activism at AVfM.

You are our most convincing and effective allies in spreading our message. That’s why I’m in your town, gentlemen and ladies. I have told you of my plans, and have done so in the full confidence that you will STILL give me exactly what you’ve been working yourselves up to; absurd, histrionic vitriol and violence. Here is the evidence of your absolute ethical bankruptcy and the continued abject failure to respond to anything argued by the Men’s Human Rights Movement except by more escalated hatred identity politics and empty accusations of malice. You know how that song goes. Rape apologetics, child molestation etc, etc.

Well, here, it appears that you have even made some really nifty, intellectually grounded signs that will be on display tonight.

University of Toronto sign

Wow, there is a sound argument. Quite impressive. And you even spelled “misanthropic” correctly.  Let’s have a look at another one of your academically profound statements.

University of Toronto sign 2

Ah yes, of course, what’s the gender card without the race card? By the way, that reminds me, I will be accompanied today by, among others, one Agent Tungsten. She may have some questions about this sign, in particular. She will be representing questions from the scores of women in our movement. By the way, “won’t” has an apostrophe. I know it is nit picking, but this is a University campus we are talking about, and the sign only has eight words. Please, you are already embarrassing yourself enough without adding illiteracy to the mix.

Now, it has occurred to me that many, if not most of you, are already sharply aware of your own abject moral failure. The masks worn by protesters at the last CAFE event were a strong indicator of consciousness of guilt. But in light of that possible self-knowledge, you – the various members of the University of Toronto Student’s Union, the anarcho-communist clowns and so on – might be doubling down. Your escalation of public aggression and violence may be in the hope that, even though you’ve outed yourself as having no moral leg to stand on, your hope that those arguing for the human rights of men and boys will be frightened and intimidated into silence. I don’t know if that hypothesis is correct, but if it is, I have to wonder: Have none of you been paying attention?

In fact, let my visit to Toronto be an object lesson. You promised to “condemn and physically challenge” men’s human rights activists, and voila, here I am in your city, along with a whole bunch of my fellow Men’s Human Rights Activists providing logistical and practical support. I don’t say that to provoke you, or as a challenge for you to follow through with your promised threats, but simply as a clear statement that if you think you are going to shut anyone up, you are just not paying attention.

In fact, while you are here, I invite you to browse though the contents of this website. Pay particular attention to the rhetoric of myself and the site’s owner, Paul Elam. Listen to any one of the several interviews with him posted to the site. Does anything about A Voice for Men, in any form or fashion, indicate to you that we have any intention of being silenced? Does it even seem like a remote possibility to you?

If it does, then I suggest you might bow out of sexual politics and seek assistance with your learning disability.

In spite of how clearly I’ve laid out what I expect and how eager I am to exploit the continued antics of those who, when it comes down to it, are nothing but violent bigots and thugs, I am counting on you to carry on as you have been.

My job is to take everything you do, every law you break, every act of moral repugnance and every attempt to bully or silence anyone, and use it in the arena of public discourse to fuck your shit up.

Love, John.

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