John J. Nazarian Threatens Lawsuit

It seems that John J. Nazarian has taken exception to our reportage and commentary on his efforts to coach women to illegally file falsified police reports in order to have their husbands removed from their home by police, and has retained an attorney to threaten us.
I am in receipt of a letter from Attorney Larry Bakman, Avenue of the Stars address dontcha know, expressing Nazarian’s intentions.
As I often do with the mainstream media and other entities, I have opted to respond to Bakman with a link to this post. Nothing like keeping everything on the public record. I suggest first that you read his letter.
Threat Letter
Dear Mr. Bakman,
Thank you for your letter, though I am forced to inform you that it is of no more merit than John Nazarian telling a woman to throw meatloaf against the walls of her home and call 911. Your client’s demands, therefore, are rejected.
Your client’s conduct was placed on the public record by his own actions, and, as we have well documented, at the time they were discovered there was no indication that his was a work of satire or parody, and was presented, in fact, on a playlist entitled “Divorce Advice” on the website
Your client further demonstrated consciousness of guilt as he first altered his youtube account to call the videos “entertainment” and later removing them altogether after his work came under public scrutiny.
Mr. Nazarian has further publicly bragged about his profitable complicity in unscrupulously manipulating the family law system in the movie Divorce Corp. He seems quite proud of his success at this.
I hardly think this qualifies Mr. Nazarian as a credible advisor to a community of people who have been seriously and adversely affected by the very kinds of problems he creates, but I do appreciate the collegial suggestion.
Mr. Nazarian was given ample opportunity to tell his side of the story in this matter, even being invited to appear on one of our programs live and unedited. He refused to respond, and instead aired a series of fallacious claims and veiled threats on his internet radio program and his website.
Mr. Nazarian’s video advising women to file false police reports is now presented on this site as a part of a news story, which we have every Constitutional right to do. Just as we have the right to report to our readers the fact that Mr. Nazarian has been named in Grand Jury complaints in the State of California related to corruption in family courts.
Again, all of this is a matter of public record.
Additionally, opinion writers on this site have the right to editorialize on all of this, regardless of how Mr. Nazarian feels about it.
Mr. Nazarian is welcome to pursue whatever course of action he likes in this matter. Nothing on this website is going to be removed and we will not refrain in the future from reporting on Mr. Nazarian’s actions, where newsworthy. Nor will our opinion writers be gagged by threat of frivolous legal action.
Most sincerely,
Paul Elam, publisher, A Voice for Men

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