It seems like a regular event for me these days to make some kind of announcement or another about the latest advance or addition to the AVFM ma-cheen. Here in the wee hours of October 23, 2013, I get to do it again.

Janet Bloomfield, also and much more popularly known as JudgyBitch, the straight-shooting destroyer of feminist nonsense with a red-hot keyboard and zero tolerance for bullshit, has herself in a bit of a dilemma.

You see, doing things like being a wife and mother of three children, earning a Ph.D., writing a novel and devoting time to write rants on a daily blog can just plain put a stress on your daily schedule.

Something had to go, and we are pretty sure it was not going to be Mr. JB, her children, her education or her novel. So, to my eternal sadness, she decided she had to give up the rants on her blog.

Damn, I thought, what good is being Judgy or a Bitch if you are not sharing it with the rest of us? I felt cheated.

Not to worry, though. We struck a compromise. Or actually, she made an offer and I said yes.

Starting this Friday, and generally every Friday thereafter till she is really old and has to be put away, Janet Bloomfield will be writing articles for AVFM exclusively. I still think she could do her blog rants Saturday through Thursday if she didn’t put all that time into her dissertation, but that is just one man’s opinion.  Fridays will have to do.

She is even taking writing assignments from the editorial staff. We paint a target on someone’s stupid ideas and then point her toward said stupid target. She does the rest. Well, someone on staff will take care of the remains.

Works for me.

Tune in on Friday, when she will be discussing the criminalization of the male gaze. (Gee, wonder what kind of person could be behind something like that?)

And please join me in welcoming Janet Bloomfield to the staff of regular AVFM writers. We are always happy to add another counterculture Smart Bomb to the arsenal.

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