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This summer, A Voice for Men celebrates 10 years of online work at changing the narrative about men and boys. That’s a full decade of speaking truth to power, a full decade of challenging cultural gynocentrism and a full decade of withstanding the mainstream assault for what we do.

During that time, we founded the International Conference on Men’s Issues, a bold effort that thus far has seen 4 groundbreaking conferences on three continents. Conference number 5 is coming to Chicago in August. We’ve seeded many offshoot initiatives. Most recently we’ve been part of birthing  and the Regarding Men Newsletter, the only initiative of its kind aimed at protecting the men’s issues community from the social justice gatekeepers found on traditional social media platforms.

Of course, all these efforts require work and funding, but our most basic need is to keep A Voice for Men online as the undisputed flagship of the Men’s Rights Movement.

Every four months we must appeal to our supporters to help us cover the cost of web hosting, currently an expense of $290.00 monthly. With the GoFundMe fees that are collected that means we need to raise $1,275.00 per fiscal quarter to stay afloat.

That’s the deal we have with the community. You keep us online and we will take it from there, with the conferences, with the challenges and with refusing to back down regardless of the attacks.

Thanks in advance from everyone at AVFM. PE



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