Help AVFM Keep Marching ON!

It’s time again for AVFM’s fundraiser to cover our server costs. This time, I’d like to remind you that our server expenses cover much more than just the AVFM website. In our vital effort to keep the men’s rights discussion going, we also host such notable sites as Erin Pizzey’s, the Justice for Men and Boys website, our anti-MGM information website,, and others. We do all this in addition to maintaining the online flagship of the men’s rights movement, A Voice for Men.

This quarter’s funder is even more important as we enter planning for ICMI’20 in Australia next year. Coming off the resounding success of ICMI’19, we’ve set our sites high for the next event Down Under. In 2020, we will settle for nothing less than a spectacular men’s conference, with all the investment of time and money that requires.

We ask you now to please help us cover our basic server costs, which are $290.00 per month, raised every four months. Calculating what GoFundMe takes from our total, we set the very modest goal of $1,275.00 to keep our doors open, the information flowing and the activist events coming. Without your pledges, we can’t get this done.

Please donate now. If we all pitch in, this will be done in no time!


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