Groveling for Bucks

Nothing sucks worse than asking people I like for money so that I can do something I love, and that I will keep doing no matter what. Well, O.K., there are probably lots of things that suck worse than that, but it isn’t my favorite thing to do, nonetheless.

I wish I had a much, much better angle than I acually do. If I were an evangelical preacher I could tell you that your donations will earn you eternal salvation, or would help me fight Satan and keep him out of rock-n-roll. For that matter, I wish you were kinda stupid so I could tell you that every dollar you sent sends a feminist to a reeducation camp where she would learn common decency or how to properly fellate MRA’s.

But alas, I am stuck with being honest. This site isn’t going anywhere (voluntarily), and I will keep doing this if no one ever sends a nickel to help with the expenses. Just the same, your donations are needed and greatly appreciated.

I passed the hat once fairly soon after the site re-launched, and decided I would write another beg letter with each change of season, or thereabouts, in hopes that those who have not already given might toss something in the tip jar.

So here I am again, in these early days of Autumn, asking you to scrape some change from between the cushions and send it my way. Hell, you don’t need groceries this week anyway.




Or send check or money order to:
Paul Elam
P.O. Box 301172
Houston, TX 77230
No Minimum Donation

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