Fuck You, Kate Harding

Fuck you, Kate Harding.

Fuck you, Danielle Paradis.

Fuck you, David Futrelle.

Fuck you, Michael Kimmel.

Fuck you, Harry Brod.

Fuck you, Kay Hymowitz

Fuck you, Ben Atherton-Zeman.

Fuck you, Chris Kilpatrick.

Fuck you, Danielle Sandhu.

Fuck you, William Bennett,

Fuck you, Anna North.

Fuck you, Jan Reimer (Chief Feminist – Alberta Council of Women’s Shelters).

Fuck you, Allison Redford (Premier).

Fuck you, Ed Stelmach (former Premier).

Fuck you, Alanna DeLong (MLA).

Fuck you, Lee Richardson (former MP, now Allison Redford’s Principal Secretary).

Fuck you, Stephen Harper (Prime Minister).

Fuck you, Big Red.

Fuck you, Jessica Valenti.

Fuck you, Amanda Marcotte.

Fuck you, Anita Sarkeesian.

Fuck you, Rebecca Watson.

Fuck you, Judith Grossman.

Fuck you, Vanja Krajina.

Fuck you, Michael Flood.

Fuck you, Munib Sajjad.

Fuck you, Megan Carpenter.

Fuck you, Hugo Schwyzer.

Fuck you, Sophia Guo.

Fuck you, Betty McLellan.

Fuck you, Mary P. Koss.

Fuck you, Kathy Brennan.

Fuck you. Emma Kadey.

Fuck you, Hannah Rosen.

Fuck you White Ribbon Campaign.

Fuck you Ottawa Coalition to End Violence Against Women.

Fuck you Prof Holly Johnson.

Fuck you, Trina Forrester.

Fuck you Lindy West.

Fuck you, Zach Rosenberg.

Fuck you, National Organization of Men Against Sexism.

Fuck you, University of Toronto Student Union.

Fuck you, American Men’s Studies Association.

Fuck you, Ryerson University Student Union.

Fuck you. Simon Fraser University Feminists.

Fuck you, everyone at Shit Reddit Says.

Fuck you, everybody at /r/feminism

Fuck you, everybody at the National Organization for Women.

Fuck you Jezebel.

Fuck you, Joe Biden.

Fuck you, PZ Myers.

Fuck you, Matt Dillahunty.

Fuck you, you bigoted assholes at Feministing and you two-bit two-faced “let’s shame men into being what we think is good while we shovel men’s issues under the carpet and lie about men’s advocates” over at The Good Men Project.

Fuck you, you conservative traditionalists, who are probably mostly shaking your heads and looking the other way, just like the hypocritical jerks who say nice things about manhood but don’t actually do a god damned thing for men and boys that most of you really are.

Earl Silverman, founder of the only abused men’s shelter in all of Canada, finally had enough, gave up, closed his shelter, and killed himself. After 20 years of fighting for the forgotten, the overlooked, the marginalized, and the sneered at, he closed his shelter due to lack of resources, and today closed out his life, because no one gives a damn about men and boys.

The last I spoke to Earl, he’d just managed to get some mainstream media attention in the face of a sneering feminist media whore lawyer there to “debate” him and who tried his best to minimize anything Earl had to say. Earl did great, but still, nobody cared enough to do anything. Earl privately outlined a strategy for me for finally getting someone in the government to pay attention, after decades of futility, and I didn’t think it would work. I tried to be encouraging and supportive, but I probably wasn’t encouraging enough.

Today he hung himself and I’m pingponging between crying and shrieking rage.

If you’re a male, you’re disposable motherfucker. If you’re abused, it’s your fault. If you’re poor, it’s your fault. If you’re out of a job, it’s your fault. If you’re desperate, it’s your fault. If you’ve had your children and most your income and assets taken from you and been reduced to “Uncle Dad”–or a total nonentity, or even being put in prison for being broke–by a family court system and a vindictive and abusive ex, it’s your fault. You’re “privileged,” don’t you know.

I cheerfully await the feminists who will be dancing on his grave and/or giving their usual stupid bullcrap song and dance about how what caused the indifference was their phantasmagoric lie of “The Patriarchy” or “toxic masculinity” when they’ve lifted not a god damned finger for 40 years to help men and boys and spread lie after lie about how most of the victims of abuse are women and hardly any are men. I also look forward to the conservative traditionalists shaking their heads and looking the other way, just like the hypocritical jerks who say nice things about manhood but don’t actually do a god damned thing for men and boys that most of them are.

If you’re male in this society, you are a disposable utility, and that’s all you are. Earl recognized it, tried to do something about it, and finally gave up.

And here’s my prediction: almost no one in the mainstream media will bother writing one word about this. Because Earl was a man, and nobody cares about men and boys.

He gave up, because none of you feminists OR you conservative traditionalists gave a flying fuck when it came right down to it.

But one more time I’m gonna say it: all you stinking lying fuck scumbags I mentioned above by name? Fuck every single one of you pieces of shit, and all your friends and supporters and sycophants too.


Editor’s note:

Admittedly, many, if not most of the people listed in this article will take delight at provoking the anger of the “very bad men over at AVfM”. Let’s be really clear about what this article says. The evil, self satisfied indifference of the major actors and proponents of a dominant ideology of gender in the face of a male rate of suicide FOUR TIMES HIGHER than corresponding female suicide is laid squarely at your feet. We are not simply going to yell “fuck you” and go away. We’re coming for each of you. We will never stop until you and your indifference to human harm relegated to the same trash-bin of history the Ku Klux Klan, and the third reich now occupy. Giggle if you like, or just go back to eating cheese coated wacky fries. Your indifference to human damage, as you pretend to humanism or some “greater good” is why you are named here, and why we are coming for you.


Publisher’s note. Obviously, we could not think of every name off the top of our heads that deserve to be on this list. Please add them in the comments and we will update. Thanks. PE

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