Feminism in a Nutshell v2.0

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Trigger warning

Trigger warning

Trigger warning

He’s back

Greetings class. It is my great pleasure today to re-introduce to you a prominent
member in our cause to educate students about the fight against misogyny.

As always, we urge you to please brace yourselves with whatever self-esteem
sustaining rituals you use to keep the truth at bay and the ideology of feminism
safe and sound behind your barriers of denial.

And now, our Speaker.

For those who hadn’t heard, feminism is about equality.

Anyone who denies this is just a raging misogynist.

To prove this, here’s a brief rundown of what the movement has given us so far.


An idea someone thought you should know about men

Took it to the extreme now masculinity’s a sin

With views sproutin’ nationwide levels of politicism

All about women guess that’s why they call it feminism

Step up cause the men were runnin’ wild and on the loose

Rapin’ and abusin’ women no one who knew just what to do

Until the feminists came along with the ultimate solution

Break the male sex with fifty years of persecution

Don’t worry bout the menz

Cause the patriarchy’s got their back

The biggest challenge now

Teach these brutes the proper way to act

Feminist guidance keeps the boys from turnin’ into rapist men

And lets em’ know they gotta sacrifice for all the lives of women

Females rapin’ men is way too miniscule

Too fuckin’ rare

False allegations

When it comes too suffering they don’t compare

Men hold all advantage over women don’t you even dare

Try and add male suffering to the issues we don’t want it here

Instead go find some caution tape

Grab a penis

Wrap it up

We’ll have these weapons off the streets before they get a chance to fuck

The dignity and peace of mind straight out of women’s bodies

And We’ll train these men to know their place so they won’t hurt nobody

It’s a simple process

All you gotta do is just ignore the past

All the men who died ain’t important you can let it pass

Women were the unconditional slaves of their husbands

So to care about the men who lost their lives

Nothin’ but redundance

Lynch mobs formed on the basis of a woman’s word

Swords run through a man’s face cause of what was heard

Bullets ricocheting back and forth inside a man’s skull

All because a woman cried rape

That’s irrational

Women never lie

It’s a truth you need to understand

There’s never been a woman who would rape or beat up on a man

All the rapists and abusers hold the male chromosome

That’s why we made these classes set up under every college dome

Just brush off those who don’t agree as mongorers of hate

When a woman fucks a man against his will that’s just a date

Penetration is the only form the definition states

Cause the CDC has spoken only men can stop rape

Keep the female bigots out ya mind only men discriminate

That thing they call misandry isn’t it’s all fake

Misogyny is all that fuckin matters in this world

That’s why the only real victims are women and girls

Men and boys can fall behind in school jobs and life

The only ones they got to blame are in the mirror am I right

But if a woman struggles anywhere feminism’s on the case

Blamin’ men and gettin’ money for some female only space

And tearin’ down the spirits of the men who group together

To discuss the issues plaguin’ males maybe try and make em’ better

But as a feminist let em’ know male spaces are forbidden

The only thing a group of men should do is protect women

Rest assured feminism’s all you’re ever gonna need

For tools to handle every implication of equality

We took a hammer to the rigid gender roles enforced

Women got set free and kept their male workhorse

Now the choices all belong to women you can count em’ off

Stay at home

Go to work

Be a parent

Pass it off

Equality is only for the women to enjoy

That’s why feminism is a fuckin’ patriarchal steroid

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