Dr. Tara Palmatier—AVfM Men's Issues Conference, Detroit 2014

Sandman shares Dr. Tara Palmatier’s presentation from the Men’s Issues Conference in Detroit 2014 and his impressions of what went on during the event.
Sandman: “There were fifteen speakers in total, but I will be sharing only three videos on my YouTube channel in the order that I shot them at the conference over the last few days. I will share the second video of Karen Straughan tomorrow, and the third one will be with Terrence Popp from Redonkulas.com a few days after that. A Voice for Men will be selling a DVD of the presentation and I will be sharing the link for that DVD when it’s ready for sale. I’ll be doing that here on my YouTube channel. Anyway, the first video is from the first day of the conference on Friday, June 27, with Dr. Tara Palmatier.”

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