Dr. Pierre Crouse of Alberta, Canada placed on genital mutilators directory

Dr. Pierre CrouseFrom Dr. Crouse’s website circumcisioncalgary.com:

“About Dr. Crouse

Vasectomies and Circumcisions are the main focus of Dr. Crouse’s practice. He does approximately 2,500 procedures annually, making him one of the main providers of these procedures in the province of Alberta.

Dr. Crouse obtained:

Medical degree in 1982 in South Africa.
Post graduate Diploma in Anesthesia 1990.
LMCC 1993 (Licentiate Med. Council of Canada)

With his surgical and anesthesia background he is convinced that the Mogen circumcision technique with 4 steps pain control protocol is the most effective and painless method available.”

If you define “most effective” as the quickest and easiest way to mutilate and “painless” as no pain…for the doctor. 

Under “Parent’s Guide to Circumcision:”

Why this technique?

Our procedure takes less than 1 minute. (many times faster than most hospital circumcisions)
We use extensive pain control methods including Tylenol, a sugar solution (to reduce pain perception), topical freezing and a local anesthetic injection.
Excellent cosmetic result.

Methods of circumcision used by other doctors:

The Gomco clamp – This is the most common technique used by physicians. It requires much longer to perform and involves much more tissue handling.
The Plastibell – with this technique the baby must go home with a small plastic device tied to his penis that allows the foreskin to desiccate over subsequent days. This is also a more lengthy procedure to perform.

“Excellent cosmetic result”… so, this mutilation is done for COSMETIC REASONS? As there are no other reasons given, this “result” is excellent to who? Not to the infant being cut!

Again, why the emphasis on speed? More money to be made? It’s certainly not for safety’s sake.

Under “FAQs:”

Q: What complications are possible from circumcision?

A: Complications are rare. Occasionally, there can be bleeding from the circumcision many hours after the procedure. This is treated by putting some pressure with gauze on the penis for 2-3 minutes to close the oozing blood vessel. Very rarely, more serious bleeding can occur which may require a visit to the hospital. Infection is also a possible complication. It is extremely rare and can be associated with redness, pus, and a foul smell from the circumcision. It is treated by putting Polysporin on the penis five times a day which usually resolves any infection in one or two days. more information >>

Q: Will it hurt my baby?

A: Every effort is used to make this procedure as painless possible for the baby. Many babies can sleep through the entire procedure that takes less than 1 minute. Most babies experience little or no pain at all.

Complications are NOT rare, and 100% of the time circumcision results in bleeding, scarring, and amputation of part of the penis. Also, there is no way of knowing that “most babies experience little or no pain at all.”

Under “Complications” we see:

Frequency of complications:

Significant post-operation bleeding requiring medical attention of any kind 1/400.
Phimosis or narrowing of the shaft skin opening over the head of the penis requiring medical intervention 1/500.
Buried or trapped penis ie. penis gets partially buried in the abdomen and requires medical intervention 1/800.
Infection requiring antibiotics 1/1000.
Meatal stenosis- Narrowing of the urethra requiring medical intervention.
Trauma to the head of the penis

These numbers are meaningless and incomplete, as death is not listed and he provides no sources to check out.

See intactwiki.org for more information about Dr. Crouse and his ties to Dr. Neil Pollock (including virtually identical websites), the history of the Mogen clamp, and the subsequent bankruptcy of its manufacturer.

See Dr. Crouse explain how “personal choice” is important, yet he gives none to his patients: Watch video here.

Since risk and complication information is incomplete, see that here at neonatalcutting.org.

Dr. Crouse’s practice information follows:

Intramed Medical Centre
Tel. 403 255 6196
403 255 1166
3223 17th Ave. SW, Calgary, AB. T3E 7R8

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