Dr. Milton Sales of NSW, Australia placed on genital mutilators directory

Dr. Milton SalesFrom Dr. Sales’ homepage at circumcisions.com.au we are afforded the pleasure of seeing the “tools” the doctor uses to amputate the babies foreskin:


The Plastibell –Plastibell and The Circumplast-Circumplast

Under “Ring Circumcision” we get this information:

“Dr Sales and Dr Jackel perform circumcisions at Newcastle Private Hospital.

Dr Jackel uses the Plastibell and Dr Sales uses the Circumplast method.​

The operation is performed in an operating theatre under local anaesthetic.

Babies need to be at least 28 days old and under 8 weeks for the procedure.

A combination of oral paracetamol, EMLA anaesthetic cream and injected lignocaine is used for pain control.

You will need to view the presentation images prior to attending the consultation. All babies are checked in our rooms at 324 Brunker Road Adamstown prior to surgery to assess suitability for operation and to look for heart murmurs. Babies with a heart murmur may need further evaluation by echocardiogram prior to surgery.”

Glad to see the doctors are making sure the infant can handle the stress and risk of this surgery. More important, why are these doctors subjecting ANY infant to these risks with this medically unnecessary surgery.

Also on the homepage is this wildly pro-circumcision brochure produced by controversial Dr. Brian Morris that at least diagrams the goodies circumcised males are missing.

Under “Circumcision Information” we see an incomplete listing of risks:

The risks of the procedure include:
•infection – 1 in 60 operations may require antibiotics
•bleeding – 1 in 2,000 requiring ring removal to stop bleeding
•bruising which resolves without treatment
•ring slipping back – 1 in 200 requiring ring removal
•medication reaction – very rare
•blood transfusion – 1 in 30,000 operations
•restriction of urethra by scarring later in life – rare

Under “Pros and Cons of Circumcision” there are other complications listed, but missing is ‘death.’ Then a short summary surprisingly concludes that there are “Insufficient benefits to warrant circumcising all newborn males.” All the benefits listed have been debunked and some of them are actually caused by circumcision – see that here.

Under “Circ Blog” more pro-circumcision propaganda, “It’s official: Circumcision DOESN’T affect sexual pleasure, according to biggest ever study of the issue.

Brian Morris

and his co-researcher John Krieger looked at 36 studies totalling 40,473 men – half of were circumcised and half were not. Each of the studies was graded in terms of quality, according to official guidelines.

The professors found that the very high quality studies reported circumcision ‘had no overall adverse effect on penile sensitivity, sexual arousal, sexual sensation, erectile function, premature ejaculation, duration of intercourse, orgasm difficulties, sexual satisfaction, pleasure, or pain during penetration.’

No sources are given, so all the claims in the article are dubious, but no surprise that he may not have seen a difference in the reporting because the circumcised men did not know what they were missing.

Then there was this with the caption: Don't worry if the ring is dangling

“Don’t worry if the ring is dangling”

Watch this Circumplast circumcision video, if you can stomach it.

And here’s Dr. Sales genitally mutilating a baby with the Plastibell. Horrible – bring a barf bag.

And of course under “Patient Information” there’s a link to Brian Morris’ pro-circumcision website circinfo.net.

Since the doctors’ website lack complete information about risks of circumcision, you can read that here at neonatalcutting.org.

Dr. Sales’ practice information follows:

+61 2 49523700

Brunker Road General Practice
324 Brunker Road Adamstown, NSW, 2289, Australia

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