Dr. M. Ruhul Amin of Luton, England placed on genital mutilators directory

Dr. M Ruhul AminDr. M Ruhul Amin has been placed on the “Known Genital Mutilators” directory at neonatalcutting.org.

From the Circumcision Centre website circumcisioncentre.co.uk:

“Private Medical Clinic – Circumcision Services in the UK

Our services cover all age ranges – from infants (under a year old), through younger boys (under 8), to older boys and adult men. We choose the best possible circumcision procedure for every patient and have both pre and post-operative care and consultation to ensure that every patient and their family get the best possible treatment.

You can also purchase this service as a gift for your grandchildren for Eid, Christmas or any other festival. Please contact us for further information.

We specialise in male circumcision, so not only are you assured of the best possible care, but will also be treated by doctors with many years of experience in circumcisions.

All our Doctors are specially trained in best practice to circumcise men of all ages. Our doctors are either Urologists or G.P.s and are all registered with the GMC.”

So, you can “purchase this service as a gift for your grandchildren” if . . . your grandchild is a boy, and you wish to force partial genital amputation on him as a gift for Christmas.

Then there’s this ironic bit of marketing:

Book Early for Holidays
We are now taking bookings for the summer holidays. Please book early to avoid disappointment.

From their other website thornhillclinic.co.uk we find the names of the doctors at the Circumcision Centre, as well as the manager:

Dr. Murtaza Khanbhai MBChB MRCGP MRCS DPD, Dr. M Ruhul Amin BSc (Hons) MBChB, Mr. Darrel Gregory MInstLM Dip.RSA – manager, Mr. Farooq Ali Khan BSc. (Hons) MBBS (Distinction) FRCS (Urol), Mr. M Asad Saleemi MBBS, MSc (Urol), FRCS (Urol)

The other website advertises it’s General Practice for mostly adult men – while doing great business as circumcision experts – yet the only training they have or service they perform on infants is circumcision.

It’s encouraging to see that the clinic helps men and their health (see Movember photos here), but it’s greatly at odds with performing genital mutilation on unconsenting baby boys.

Under “Our Procedures:”

Circumcision Procedures and Recommended Methods

PlastiBell ® or the new Circumplast® – Both Perfect for Younger Boys
The doctors in The Circumcision Centre are vastly experienced and use the patented PlastiBell® device (made by Hollister Incorporated) and the new Circumplast® (made in Australia) for circumcising young boys and babies. This procedure, developed in the USA, is quick, straightforward and virtually pain-free for your son.

There’s no way of knowing if this procedure is “virtually pain-free.”

See these graphic photos of circumcisions using different ‘devices’ including the Plastibell – scary to think people invent and USE instruments such as these.

Under “Circumcision Information” we read graphic explanations of different circumcision methods and a glossary of terms related to this surgery and male genitals, but NO INFORMATION ABOUT RISKS AND COMPLICATIONS. You can read that info here at neonatalcutting.org.

Under “Our Services” we see:

Prime Service
Every patient has access to the best possible treatment.

Priority Service
For those who want more privacy and personal attention.

Ceremonial Service
For those who see circumcision as a family or religious celebration.

Unless you pay extra, you and your baby won’t have a private room, no pre- or post-operative consultation, and no souvenir program. Sounds to me like the human equivalent of a “puppy mill,” a “cutting mill” with baby boys crowded into rooms on an (dis)assembly line of genital mutilation.

A “souvenir program,” really?

Under “About Us:”

Information for Doctors Interested in Working With The Circumcision Centre
The Circumcision Centre is actively searching for GPs and surgeons to meet the growing number of enquiries and patients.

We believe that performing circumcisions is a great way to add some surgery into your weekly schedule whilst at the same time serving your practice better.

All existing Circumcision Centre affiliated Doctors testify enthusiastically to the benefits of working with us.

If you would like to find out more about how to be affiliated with The Circumcision Centre, then please contact us. All we need is your name, GMC number and email address. We are in need of qualified, trained and enthusiastic Doctors to serve our patients today!

So, “add some surgery into your weekly schedule,” ruin someone’s sex life, and take away their human rights as well.

Looking to Run Your Own Clinic?
We need surgeons with a minimum FRCS (Paediatric Urology) to head up new private clinics proposed in London, Birmingham & Manchester.

These will become whole day Saturday clinics, first operation 9.00 AM and the last operation commencing at 4.00 PM. This is a fantastic opportunity for a self-starter looking to run their own practice. Please contact us today for further information.

Horrifyingly, this is big business that is expanding by spreading lies and misinformation, and governments failing to protect baby boys the same as baby girls.

Here’s an article about the clinic from 2011.

ALERT MGM 101: Video of “The Doctors” TV show about circumcision – can you guess who is on what side?

Dr. Amin’s practice information follows:

Thornhill clinic
1-3 Thornhill Rd, Luton, Bedford LU4 8EY, United Kingdom
Phone:+44 1582 561999


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