Dr. Greg Canning – Australian Corespondent for AVfM News

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A Voice for Men News is delighted to add to its staff Dr. Greg Canning as Australian News Correspondent.  Dr. Canning has already submitted two journalistic articles to A Voice for Men and as a clearly dedicated MRA who is deeply concerned with and vigilantly watches goings on in Australia; he was a natural choice.  His medical expertise, nose for a good story and conviction will surely be of great value to AVFM and it’s readers.

AVfM has very strong ties to Australia and I personally am very excited to see that MRAs there will be served well by Dr. Canning’s work.

I would also like to take the opportunity with this announcement to encourage others to become correspondents for AVfM.  Whether it is a particular geographical region or a particular news topic (politics, education, family law etc.) that you feel you could serve then please contact me and express your interest.  I would like to someday see correspondents from all over taking just a little time every few weeks or so to produce an original story or just cover something that may not be adequately covered in the mainstream media.

The more we have participating here the better our news service will be and in turn our readership will increase and our activism will become more effective world wide.  AVFM along with other MRA sites like Antimisandry, WMASAW, and many others have already demonstrated that our work has an impact and our activism has a bite.

Welcome to the team Dr. Canning!


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