Dr. Altaf Mangera of Coventry, UK, “Known Genital Mutilator”

Dr. Altaf Mangera has been placed on the “Known Genital Mutilators” directory at neonatalcutting.org

From the website of the “Qualified Circumcision Clinic” where he works, we read:

“Dr (Mr) Altaf Mangera MBChB(Hons), MD, FRCS(Urol), FEBU, is a NHS Consultant Surgeon in Urology working at the prestigious Royal Hallamshire Teaching Hospital.

Dr (Mr) Altaf Mangera is the lead consultant surgeon at QCC and has been performing and teaching both major and minor surgery procedures for 10 years. He is qualified and experienced in the surgical procedure of circumcision.”

Mike Buchanan and Justice for Men and Boys have been following the story of a 12-year-old boy facing unwanted circumcision (also known as assault) at Dr. Mangers’s clinic. Follow the story here at Mike’s website and Dr. Mangera’s response to planned protests at his clinic.

Elsewhere on the website, from the ‘isn’t it obvious’ department, we see the heading “What Adult Patients and Parents Say About Us…” Some of those comments:

“Brilliant customer service. I would definitely recommend this service to family and friends.”

“The surgeon was excellent my son slept through most of it.”

What’s obvious is that the infant patients involved can’t give their say about being strapped down and permanently mutilated, and I suspect they wouldn’t be so welcoming and grateful.

Since Dr. Mangera has no information about the risks, legality and ethics of routine infant circumcision, you can read and view videos about that at neonatalcutting.org.

Dr. Mangera’s practice information follows:


Clinic Address: Dovercourt Surgery,

3 Skye edge Ave (off City Road), Sheffield, S2 5FX


Clinic Address: City of Coventry NHS Healthcare Centre

Stoney Stanton Road

Coventry, CV1 4FS

Phone: 07954858060


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