Detroit has a Problem — Sign This Petition to Help Fix it

First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you……
As recent history would lead us to fully expect, radical gender ideologues have made it their mission to silence our efforts to address issues affecting boys and men in Detroit at AVFM’s First International Conference on Men’s Issues scheduled for the end of June. And by “us” I mean a unique, diverse and eminently qualified line up of experts on gender issues, including those affecting men and boys.
We have a former National Organization for Women chairperson and two groundbreaking women who founded the international women’s shelter movement in two countries. One of them is the first black female to take office as a senator in North America. Also speaking will be psychotherapists, psychologists, attorneys, academicians and dedicated advocates from the United States, Canada, Great Britain, Australia and India. We have concerned attendees coming from around the globe to hear vitally important messages about their sons, brothers, fathers, husbands and other men they love.
It seems unthinkable that this petition is actually necessary. Who would have imagined that in 2014 we would have to petition a city, especially one so steeped in the historic struggle for civil rights, to demand that we be allowed to stand publicly and speak to issues like suicide, homelessness, corruption, incarceration, the welfare of children and the state of education?
Yet that is exactly what is happening.
We are calling on the city of Detroit to take note. Radical feminists have corrupted the idea of gender equity. They have transformed it into a Marxist agenda of oppressive control, including the silencing of all opposing views.
You are seeing this play out on the streets of your city right now.
We are asking people across the world to sign this petition. Even if there is not a single boy or man in your life, please help us help boys and men and help us preserve the tradition of basic civil liberties.
Tell Detroit this is unacceptable.


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