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Hello everyone.

It is time for AVFM’s quarterly appeal for readers to join the ranks of our subscribers.

It’s only appropriate that I give you some sound reasons for contributing to an operation that provides its content for free.

First, I urge you to consider AVFM’s role in doing exactly what it says in the tagline under our logo.

Changing the cultural narrative.

I don’t think anyone can dispute that the narrative is indeed changing. The free pass for feminists has been revoked. Many Major websites that continue to run misandric bullshit now often have two words in common at the end of their hateful posts.

Comments Closed.  That is now a common reaction of the feminist media in the wake of average people clobbering them with dissent and ridicule.

The proliferation of a stridently anti-feminist narrative has been awe inspiring.

I can say with certainty and pride that it was AVFM that kicked the door in on all of it. We took the daggers thrown at us by mainstream media across the western world and pushed back defiantly. In surviving we emboldened others to speak the truth.

Now, there is a wide range of people with popular appeal who are saying the same things, often in the same tone, that we have said here for nearly seven years.

When an award-winning filmmaker decided to dedicate three years to making a movie about the men’s movement, she came to AVFM as the source. There is a good reason for that. AVFM’s story is the story of the modern men’s rights movement. The two are inseparable.

We do not want, nor can we afford, to rest on the idea that a conversation about men and boys has finally started.

We expect 2016 to be a year of opportunities to be seized. The Red Pill Movie will be released. The International Conference on Men’s Issues will be held in London. I anticipate the very real possibility of legal threats to AVFM as we become increasingly aggressive in our dealings with those who welcome infant boys into life with the blade of a knife.

And we will continue to bring you work from the very best of modern thinkers on the issues of men and boys.

I would say that is providing a good bit considering no one on AVFM staff, including myself, has made any personal income since we switched to a membership model early this year.

More than ever, this site, and the activism we further, depend on you. Click on the link below this video and you will find very flexible options to support our work. You can subscribe for as little as $5 a month, or make a more generous monthly gift if you can afford it.

And you can still make a one-time donation if that suits you.

With that I will say thank you to current subscribers for being there for AVFM and thanks in advance to those who choose to join us during this drive.

Wishing you all a very happy holidays.


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