AVFM enhances its news department

I trust and hope everyone’s weekend was a good one. I wanted to inform readers of a new development for our news department. As you can see to the immediate right of this announcement there are a couple of new boxes in the sidebar.

These are new, permanent features on the front page and will contain a growing list of straight news and journalism provided by the AVFM News Department. The news department is headed by Robert O’Hara and includes Dr. Greg Canning, AVFM News Australia, Anil Kumar, AVFM News India, Attila Vinczer, AVFM News Canada, Lucian Vâlsan, AVFM News Europe and Dan Perrins, AVFM News Ontario.

We still have an opening for AVFM News UK, as well as any other geographic region anyone is interested in covering.

This does not mean that you will no longer see their opinion pieces presented in the featured area of the site. On the contrary, you will continue to enjoy their articles.  It also means you will see more of their work as the “straight news” version of their articles, sans editorial opinion, will be presented via the newsfeeds we now offer on the site.

This will not only enhance the site by providing you a news resource you will not find anywhere else on the net, it will also expand our outreach to previously untapped readership sources.

It’s another win-win for the MHRM, and another proud first for AVFM.

Please bear with us as we go through some expected changes and growing pains in order to provide you a top-notch straight news resource at AVFM.

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