Andybob’s Corner #2

Gather round, boys and girls. Bring your cups of hot chocolate and pillows; lots and lots of pillows. Cozy up by the fire and listen to it crackle as it warms the air. Pay no mind to the night outside. The light in here is all we need.

Andybob, the Minister of Truth, has come to visit. And when he speaks, everything that crawls on the ground or goes bump in the night falls to stillness in the shadows; hoping, praying, ne’re to be seen. PE

For this edition of Andybob’s Corner, AB speaks to:

Whether we should call ourselves MRAs.

The term ‘Men’s Rights’ knocks people off their feet in the right way. It is clear, concise and self-explanatory: nobody needs to be told that MRA’s are in opposition to the feminist trampling of men’s rights.

As such, it piques the interest of men getting ulcers from the blue pill. The term itself invites curiosity:

“Why do men need to fight for rights?”

“Well now, let me explain…”

The reaction of feminists has ranged from silent trepidation to outright unhinged fury in a way that some cozy, cuddly, non-threatening PC term never could.

Watching feminists react with visceral rage to the very concept of men having rights is very instructive to male onlookers and deeply embarrassing to the ever-present NAWALT brigade.

I am not a branding expert or a PR guru. But neither am I a recruiter for the Moonies. I balk at the notion of stroking, manipulating and condescending to win over “joiners.”

While I am cognizant of our media-drenched sound-bite culture and our need to negotiate it, I think it is a mistake to underestimate the power of being honest and direct. I disdain sugar-coating our message with PC drivel. Consider the failure of ‘The Good Men Project.’ This cesspit of watered-down, wishy-washy, feel-good wankiness has drawn nothing but universal contempt. No thanks.

Ours is a fight for justice, fairness and honesty. Let’s represent these hallmarks of human decency as accurately as possible.


“Most women in the real world have sons and fathers and brothers and have no real desire to see men treated unfairly.” ~ Mr Paddleship

Mate, take a seat. I’m afraid I have some bad news.

They don’t care.

There are four main categories of women:

1) Women who care about the men in their lives, but never make the connection that their naked misandry contributes to the misery of these men. Most of those women who whooped and cackled when RegisterHer lifer, Sharon Osborne, expressed delight when an innocent man was genitally mutilated belong in this category. They would not have cackled quite so much if someone had brutalized their sons. Other women’s sons? No problem. It has ever been thus: white feather campaign in WWI.

2) Women who may pay lip service to caring about the men in their lives, but in reality see them in the same way they see all other men – as utility objects to be manipulated and exploited. Such women don’t think of the men in their lives at all, except when they want something from them.

3) Feminists. These range from the mild (man-hating bigots), to the radical (man-hating bigots who advocate genocide and eugenics).

4) Women MRAs. These are rare women (I’ve never seen one, even in captivity), who regard men as actual people with collective and innate value. I can count them on two hands with fingers to spare.

Men have been struggling for many decades now with nary a peep from women. There is a reason for this.

They don’t care.

Feminism has provided today’s pampered princesses with the privilege-stuffed, consequence-free Nirvana that they believe they’re entitled to. Do you really think they can be swayed with reason and logic? Have you ever tried to discuss men’s rights with women? They will show concern for some imaginary, hypothetical female from some Third World country before they give two shits about the son, brother or friend standing in front of them. It literally knocks the breath out of me when I experience it first-hand.

“Doing so only turns this into an Us vs. Them situation.”

This is an “Us vs. Them situation.” Peruse some feminist blogs. You may think these women are just lunatics, but many of them are influential, well-placed lunatics. Guess what? They hate our penis-swinging patriarchal guts and write widely-read screeds planning and celebrating our destruction. Our relation to them is adversarial, whether we like it or not.

We are in a battle against a powerful, well-financed and establishment-supported entity which has succeeded in stealing our rights in every sphere. This has been done with the silent collusion of vast numbers of women. As such, a few “derogatory remarks” are the least they deserve.

I agree that we should not go out of our way to alienate potential allies. However, your belief that we will succeed by approaching women with reason and logic – and being nice to them – demonstrates a stunning naiveté about our predicament. You need a little tête-à-tête with Pamela O’Shaughnessy.

Your approach makes you sound like a sane person who wants to be fair and do the right thing. You sound like a typical man. Feminists see this as a failing to be used against us – and they have done so with devastating results. It’s time to re-think your strategy.

On Clementine Ford and the Shaming Tactic of Crying Misogyny

“You just hate women, so I’m not listening! La la la la la la!”

This could very well be the official Swan Song that feminists warble as the edifice of feminism crumbles around their ears. It doesn’t take too much set off this kind of response. Sometimes it is when they realize that you can easily mock the sacred myths enshrined in their Women’s Studies courses. At other times, it is when it dawns on them that their shaming language is as toothless as Germaine Greer.

Ms. Ford is a typical feminist trying to pacify her disquiet that there is opposition afoot. It could be an increase in the number of ant-feminist comments she’s heard/read as she goes about her smug little life, or perhaps the unnerving experience of confronting a full-blown red pill man. Something has her stewing in her own bile. Her attempt to reassure the sisterhood that their web of indoctrinated deceit will triumph is safe is asinine, pathetic and very, very childish.

When “la la la…” is no longer a viable response to the kind of opposition we promise to deliver in deadly ripostes, what will become of these man-hating narcissists? Bitter 30-something women like Clementine Ford will have fewer legs to stand on than Heather Mills. How satisfying it will be to see them knocked on their bony, entitled arses.

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