A Voice for Men Fall Fundraiser

When you ask people to part with their hard earned money in order to support a cause (with the exception of matters woman centric), you need to have two critical elements going. One, you need to have a cause that constitutes an actual need that impacts more than just a handful of people.

And two, especially when you have been asking for that support over a long period of time, you need to show people that you have done something with that money; more than just use it to raise more money.

History shows that AVFM passes muster in all those regards. First, there is no doubting the actual need for a men’s movement, and one that is decidedly anti-feminist. Though still in a fledgling state, AVFM has overshadowed and outpaced any other efforts in history in terms of injecting men’s issues into the social consciousness and educating the public in the undeniable truth that anti-feminism is not anti-woman.

We have forced feminists into frantic attempts to defend their lies and have begun to change the public discourse on sexual politics for the first time in 50 years.

We have also succeeded in establishing the upstart of a subculture where men and women are measured on merit alone; where ideas and thoughtfulness rule, not genitalia.

We have established a community where gay men also find their worth and value alongside other men, as men, without having to sell themselves out to the exploitive victim politics of feminist ideologues who view them and all other men in strictly utilitarian terms.

We have forced certain agents of the state to face the music for their malfeasance. We have forced corrupt judges to recuse themselves and helped a loving father regain custody of his children from an abusive mother. And we have cleared the name of a man arrested repeatedly on false allegations, and pushed until his accuser was placed in handcuffs.

We have successfully hosted an international conference on men’s issues that was the very first of its kind in history and will be doing so again next year.

We have sponsored the formation of the very first men’s issues group on an American university campus that has the tenacity and the unrelenting resolve to have Paul Elam come to their campus to speak about “The Fraud of Rape Culture.”

We know many of these are small steps on a long road. Even collectively, they are not enough to change the world. But steps forward they are. That too is something new and we want to take many of them in the years ahead.

Doing this is literally impossible without your help. So here we are again, with the quarterly fundraiser that is the lifeblood of AVFM, which has allowed us to do what we have done so far. And we are again asking you to help us bring more change to a world that desperately needs it.




One final way you can support AVFM in this fundraiser. We have over 100 First International Conference on Men’s Issues official T-shirts in sizes from small to 4X still available. They are already paid for, so all shirts we sell go to our till. Click on the image below and get them directly from Ebay. International shipping is available.


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Fundraiser will conclude on Monday, October 6, 2014

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