A Very British Coup

Official Statement from MRA London

What follows is an official statement by Andy Thomas on behalf of MRA London.

On May 4th, 2013, a bizarre coup was attempted within the MRA London. While I was travelling and out of regular contact, a certain member of the group announced to the world that he had been ejected from MRA London by me personally, and put out a widespread appeal to have me “deposed”, “overthrown”, or whatever. He also made a series of even more bizarre allegations against me and several others. Unforgivably, he did not confine his communications to within the group, but reached out to prominent figures outside of MRA London.

All this occurred entirely without my knowledge for several days.

His “reverse coup” failed, ending in farce and bitter recrimination at a meeting in London on May 11th. Although being away from London meant that I could not attend myself, I was reliably informed that, after some disruption, another individual announced that he no longer wished to have any further association with MRA London, and promptly left the meeting.

Now that this sorry state of affairs has died down, as the member who has, by far, invested the most in MRA London, I have decided to take all those who contributed to disunity at their word, and accept their resignations. Their door cards to the building have been cancelled, and their car parking spaces have already been re-allocated.

The simple truth is that MRA London never had a “leader” and, as such, it was never anything other than a loose collection of activists. None of the original accusations were even remotely true, but the irony now, of course, is that the prophecy was a self-fulfilling one, and the original member who made it is now among those who has no association with MRA London.

Far from being a “sad day” for MRA London, I have since come to appreciate that these events were an inevitable and entirely positive step on the road to the grown-up world. After recent weeks, what is left of MRA London is a smaller, but more focused group of clear thinking people — men and women who are serious about why they are here and who are willing to put the higher cause above their own interests and egos. It is a solid foundation on which to move up to the next step.

MRA London exists to smash the schemes of the gender ideologues. We must never forget that boys today are growing up in what is, for them, a dystopia. This, I believe, is where our focus needs to be. If we allow the personal agendas of today’s “wounded warriors” to take precedence, we will loose entire generations tomorrow. I will be making no apology for putting the wider interests of males above those who prefer cultivating their own grievances and self-pity.

In the future, MRA London will be under my control as CEO, with Erin Pizzey as a patron. Erin and I will be working closely together over the coming years to ensure that MRA London develops into a serious player and a force for good in the men’s human rights struggle.

Watch AVFM for a further announcement from Erin herself, shortly.

That is all.

You can now follow MRA London on Twitter: @MRA_London

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