A report from New York


[box type=”note” icon=””]Editor’s note: On the date of this article’s publication, it is 9 Days until Vladek Filler completes his 21 days in the jail of Bar Harbor prosecutors Carletta Bassano and Mary Kellett.[/box]


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The AVfM editorial staff extends our concerns and heartfelt sympathies to Izzey, a long time AVfM supporter and contributor. As of this posting Izzey is riding out Hurricane Sandy at a Long Beach, New York location, but unfortunately has lost her Long Island home to floodwaters from the storm.

Many of you will recall that it was just August of last year when her home was severely damaged from the flooding generated by Hurricane Irene. She had recently completed renovations, however this time it appears the home is a total loss.

The storm is already causing extensive flooding, prior to actual landfall. It is responsible for 67 deaths so far.

We will keep you posted on her circumstances as they are available.

Best of luck, Izzey. Hang in there.


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