After 15 months online we are rapidly approaching our first million visits to AVfM. And if current traffic holds or continues to grow we will have at least twice that much after another 15 months. I am betting we do even better than that thanks to the dedicated efforts of all the people who contribute quality additions to the growing library of MRA literature, and the increasing number of men and women who are stepping up to rattle the worlds cage with FTSU.

Those are not the only good numbers to report. After a slight leveling off when the site was rebuilt, we are tracking upward in Alexa ranking again, headed toward a coveted place in the top 100,000 worldwide rankings.  Our commenting has also picked up again, after requiring users to register with the site to comment, and our database is now pushing 50,000 comments.  Additionally, and most promising, since we rebuilt the site just three months ago, we are exceeding 200,000 page views per month. Expect a lot more in the future, and a lot more from AVfM Radio and

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