No means no. Sure, whatever.

Men who are unjustly accused of rape can sometimes gain from the experience. Catherine Comins, Vassar College Assistant Dean of Student Life in Time, June 3, 1991

When I was in college, I spent a lot of time (but not all of it) biting my tongue and sitting in barely tolerable silence as I was inundated with bullshit from a plethora of preachy and pedantic pedagogues (quadruple alliteration – no extra charge). I heard enough recitations of crooked social research and fanciful theory that I wanted to drop acid just to make things seem normal.

Such is the sorry lot of an arts major with a desire for independent thinking.

I thought I had it bad, but I was certain that within ten years, maybe twenty, that freedom of thought and speech would return to the university setting, wrested back from the brain dead ideological thieves that stole it away.

It is not the first time I have been embarrassingly wrong.

Delta Kappa Epsilon, a long standing and iconic fraternity has been banned from recruiting or undertaking any activities on campus for five years. The decision, announced by Yale College Dean Mary Miller, was made because of allegedly pro-rape chants made by fraternity pledges. To be specific, the chants included, in part: “No means yes, yes means anal,” and,” “My name is Jack, I’m a necrophiliac[sic], I fuck dead women.”

To be sure, those are some pretty off-color words, as one might expect from the still teen aged pledges in a college fraternity.  But Yale administrators, who assumedly would have a more seasoned capacity for reason than your average pimple faced kid during frosh week, somehow managed to elevate the tasteless antics from being just that, to being serious, threatening advocacy for rape that required swift retribution. I suppose on behalf of dead women as well as the living.

The stupidity of this position is only exceeded by its hypocrisy.

Take a moment to consider the quote above from Catherine Comins.  The statement, clearly one of such insensitivity that it can only be rooted in hatred for men, is just a miniscule example from a pattern of bigotry and elitism that has pervaded western academe for four decades.  And this is bigotry that does not result in discipline or repudiation, but in promotions, tenure and growing collections of obsequious acolytes that parrot their sentiments like so many sieg heil’s.

And God help the uppity male that says anything that upsets them.

For the purpose of clarifying the intent here, I will point out that your average women’s studies textbook references more hateful ideologues than a Simon Wiesenthal hit list.

I could take you through an exhaustive examination of the misandric ideas that infest feminist literature, but I will just link you to the short list here.  If you are an MRA you already know about them; if you are a feminist you already know about them and don’t care. So I will leave it at that.

But whether you accept it or not, taking an honest look at the ideas of gender ideologues only leaves you with one sane conclusion. A feminist ousting a fraternity from a college campus for questionable speech is like the board of Dow Chemical fining smokers for air pollution.

Oh, and then there is this one other tiny little problem. No doubt, the biggest offense in this hullaballoo of hyperbole and hypocrisy was the statement “No means yes.”

Oh yeah, that is the cardinal sin; the unforgivable insult; the unfathomable transgression on the sensibilities of all these self-proclaimed vanguards of truth and enlightenment.

I’m certain that while they were gathering pitchforks, lighting torches and mobbing up to go after these teen Frankenstein’s, that they didn’t bother to consider the fact that it is true.

“No means yes” is no less accurate or meaningful than “no means no.” Life is often too complex to be addressed in platitudes.

When it comes to how most women communicate sexual interest, no often means yes, or it means maybe, or it means try harder, or it means not now, or it means a veritable grab bag of possible realities other than just a simple and honest “no.”

Of course, sometimes it actually means no.  But if you can run a college without knowing this shit, no wonder our education system sucks as bad as it does.

I know, the terminally clueless will want a citation, so here we go.

A study from the National Institute of Health. From the abstract:

We found that 39.3% of the women had engaged in token resistance at least once. Their reasons fell into three categories: practical, inhibition-related, and manipulative reasons.

Ok, now we have a valid source telling us all what we already knew, that women are not reliable verbal informants about their own interest in sex. All this claptrap about consent and permission slutwalking across the western world is feminist drivel, to put it in the most polite of terms.

The question now becomes what to teach young men about this reality, which seems in light of the climate on college campuses, painfully important.

First we teach them that even though women don’t know that no means no, they need to regard a no as such. Not to prevent rape, but to prevent their own persecution.  In fact, we are rapidly approaching the time in history where regarding anything short of a written, notarized request to have her brains fucked out should be regarded as a no.

And even then it would be better have two witnesses, from foreplay to finish, that will testify she repeated consent throughout the process, and never, even in the throes of passion, uttered a word that even rhymed with “no.”

Think I am kidding? I’m not.

But in terms of their public words, especially on a college campus, there is another lesson we’d best pass along to young men.

Lie, young man. Lie your ass off.  Tell women, especially female university heads, exactly what they want to hear.  It is not just a harmless romantic tactic, or an innocent indulgence  to get along with childish women any more. It is a survival tool to save your education, your reputation and maybe your skin.

So then, No means no? Sure thing. Absolutely right. Women NEVER say no when they really want you to push harder for sex.

Women make less than men for the same work? Of course, you betcha. Truer words never spoken. Evil ass male glass ceiling.

1 in 4 women will be raped by the time they are 18?  You’re damned skippy. Lots of bad, bad men out there or at the very least a few of them doing a whole lotta rapin’. Either way, that number is right. No need to verify the source, or scrutinize how they defined rape.

Women don’t lie about rape? Of course not! Man, I can’t even believe you brought up such a hateful, misogynistic idea!

Prepare to graduate with honors.

And if you ever need a refresher on any of this, just ask the guys at Delta Kappa Epsilon. If, that is, any of them are willing to open their mouths at all.

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