I have about 4,500 friends on Facebook. Most days, the only question I have is how many of them are whores. I am serious. I guess I average about three to five friend requests a day, sometimes more. My policy has always been to just automatically approve them. I mean, what the fuck, except for a handful of people that actually are my friends on there, I don’t know most of these people from Adam. Or apparently Eve. So I just ok them as friends, then cull out the whores when they start to send me private messages. Lemme show you some of the recent ones. Sara Diane Cole, who just wrote me to say hi.

Sara Diane Cole
Sara Diane Cole

I mean, I get it, ok? After all, hey, just look at me. Hot chicks like this just can’t help themselves. And not only is there my devilish handsomeness, I am sure that they can tell from reading all my posts that I am a real ladies man. Number one hombre material.

And speaking of hombre material, there is Carla Cepedo, who wrote me to say, “Hola! Buenos noches. Como esta?

And so being the polite kind of guy I am, I answer.

Es fantastico, puta! Adios!

Beverly Cobah Baskins just writes to say, “Hello, how are you dear?”

Well, I’m fine, dear. How’s business?

Carla Cepeda
Carla Cepeda

Finally, we have Laura Hill, who wrote to say hi and to ask how I am doing, cause, you know, she is concerned about how a 59-year-old guy on Facebook that she never saw before is doing. I didn’t answer because I feared that someone as compassionate and giving as Laura was probably really busy spreading all that love around to a lot of guys on Facebook. Must be one hell of a burden being that good to so many people.

You know, I said, “Finally, we have Laura Hill.” I have to admit that is a lie. There is nothing final about these women. They send me friend requests every day. And not a day goes by that I don’t unfriend one or two of them who write to strike up a conversation and get to know me cause I am just the kind of man they have always dreamed of.

And like I said, I really do get it, because you know, women that look like this are all over me everywhere I go. I mean, I can’t even go to the grocery store without some woman who looks like Sara Diane Cole hitting on me while I am picking up a bottle of prostate supplements off the shelf in the drug section.

Beverly Cobbah Baskins
Beverly Cobbah Baskins

Now I felt the need to tell you guys about this because I’m sure that I’m one of only a very few men that this happens to. I mean, otherwise, if this were happening to a lot of guys, it might lead one to think that these smoldering hot babes (or whatever greasy, acne ridden dude is actually behind the account) are just leading men on to bilk a few dollars, or maybe a lot of dollars, playing off their hopes and their frustrations because they don’t do well with women.

And there is one thing that makes that more probable than not. If you happen to purely by accident find yourself looking at any of the images of these social media harlots, take a look at the likes and comments to their photos. When you do, you will find the only version of toxic masculinity that I have ever seen. Hundreds of likes for a pic of a woman posing like a two-dollar hooker with a string of comments from some of the greatest silver-tongued devils you will ever see in a man’s world. Sheer poetry, like, “OMG, you’re so hot!” “Wow, you’re smokin’ babe!” and the ever original, “You so fine, I could get wif you!”

Lora Hill Hi How you doingI have to tell you how sick this makes me. I spend every day of my life in one way or another defending men. Men on the other hand, for the most part, spend every day of their lives proving what gullible, brain-dead, fuck-knuckles they really are.

I know, someone out there right now is saying, “Hey, man, that is shaming language. Not cool.” Well, sorry, but fuck that. This is behavior men should be ashamed of. How do you think we ended up with a society of women with a picture of themselves or a picture of what they wished they looked like or even dudes with a picture of a woman who can turn a “hello, how ya doing” on Facebook into a fucking cottage industry?

In fact, I bet you anything some blue pill blokes stumble in here, read this article, look at the pics, and their first and only thought will be, “OMG, she is HAWT!”

And let’s face it. This shit is everywhere for a reason. Because it works! I bet the line, “Oh yeah, baby, I’d love to come fuck you but I need money for a plane ticket” makes its own black market economy. Why? Because men are that fucking dumb, and that fucking weak.

Bitch at me if you want to, you know it’s true. And it isn’t just on Facebook. I get this shit on Twitter these days, too. Thank god I am not on Instagram or Snapchat.

And what is even funnier is that if I were to make a meme about this and put it on Facebook, Facebook would take it down and ban me for at least a few days.

So, Facebook whores, if they have any sense of subtlety, are just fine. Pointing out the Facebook whores is probably a violation of Facebook’s notoriously psychotic community standards. We can thank men for that shit, too. Facebook isn’t run by Margaret Zuckerberg.

I didn’t just say this stuff because I felt like ragging on men today. I actually said it because all of this reminds me of how grateful I am for the red pill community. We are a small group. A comparative drop in the bucket compared to the masses of trained seals clapping their flippers together in hopes to be tossed a piece of stinky herring, even as they insist that they are strong, independent men.

There is a bitter part of me that hopes every last one of the dumb fucks gets taken for a ride. At the very least, at some point, they may be useful for their war stories and tales of caution.


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