The phalanx: MRAs and MGTOW

A recent post I made on Facebook about my belief that the MGTOW (Men Going Their Own Way) movement is indirectly helping the Men’s Rights Activist movement certainly generated some interest and interesting opinions.

This topic provoked some serious thought about not only how I see myself, as I’m connected and a part of both movements to different degrees, but also both communities in their entirety, especially within the context of Australia although I hope the same can be said worldwide.

First (and I need to tread carefully here), I was brought to both movements from a place of sheer disbelief and pain at the way I was treated personally. I never wanted the Red Pill. I say this with absolute conviction. I would have been quite content being in the horrible situation I was in prior to all this. One day I hope I am free to write in full about the situation, however a lot can be inferred by the issues most important to me.

Six months on, my life has taken a completely new direction. One I never foresaw, which is ultimately far more fulfilling than I had thought possible when my journey started. My passion, energy and activism have all led me toward the path I now walk.

My primary identity in all this is as a Men’s Rights Activist. I realised very early on that my personal fight for justice depended on a system that was and continues to be totally against me because of what is between my legs, rather than in my heart or head. I also realised from 25 years involvement in Martial Arts with some of the most skilled and respected teachers in Australia that one of the best ways to help yourself is in the service of others. This is not some flippant statement. In the same way a teacher learns as much from his students as he teaches them in Martial Arts, helping others is not an entirely selfless act, but nor is it selfish. The benefits to both teacher and student in growth, self-development, and self-esteem are evidenced by the fact that the greatest masters I have known are still operating on the basis that they too are students well into old age (I hope none of them are offended).

On Facebook I created Men’s Rights Perth, became contributing editor and admin on a variety of Mens Rights, Fathers Rights, Genderless Domestic Violence, Family Law Reform and Suicide Prevention and Awareness pages. I have done and continue to do my best to actively help people online and in real life, all out of a homeless shelter. My greatest challenge will be to create a domestic violence shelter for men in Perth. This is not possible to do without the help of amazing people committed to helping others in much the same way. Too many to list, you know who you all are.

When I first started, I was also quickly drawn to MGTOW, from the get go. Without explaining in detail, I found myself soon with an amazingly passionate supporter and fellow activist I fell in love with.

MGTOW fast-tracked my education, and continues to be important to me along with mutual support from and for many prominent MGTOWs.

Now, whilst I believe MGTOW is important to the MRA movement in its entirety and even personally, the distinction must be very clear and very well drawn between MGTOW and MRA. MGTOW has no leadership or agenda. It has no political cause or care. It is simply a tool for individual self-preservation. The MRA movement is a lot more formalised, has leadership, has agendas, and absolutely relies on each other, as one of my friends put it, it can be likened to a phalanx.

There is a reason for this analogy. The phalanx formation in warfare (or riot control) is defensive. We are constantly under attack and the only way we can move forward is TOGETHER.

Many of our agendas are all under attack by the same enemy; radical feminism.

So if, like me, you consider yourself an MRA, look to those you respect in the movement and fight alongside that have been in the fight a lot longer. Take the advice they give, even if it is not what you want to hear. We are a small but growing army, and rely on unity to make every inch of ground we take. We do NOT fight for ourselves but each other. Our personal story and pain is always subordinate to Men’s Rights. We often remind each other how we don’t care about feelings, get up and hold formation. There is no room for prima donnas or bitching. The rule is GTFO. Get on or get out. Whether or not you like everyone or any particular MRA is of secondary concern.

Let’s keep it tight, the next couple of years I believe will be pivotal as MGTOW too provides the means for the changes we all want. Every small win is a win for us all. Likewise every loss.

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