Karma is a Bitch – Francis “Coyote” Shivers now an Elected Los Angeles City Official

Karma just jumped up and bit sociopath Pauley Perrette right on her lying ass.

Ex-husband Francis “Coyote” Shivers; the man she has terrorized for over a decade with a litany of false, perjured, and criminally procured restraining orders, has just been elected to the Hollywood United Neighborhood Council and was sworn in May 16, 2016.

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That’s right. Mr. Shivers went from being a falsely accused inmate in L.A. County Jail to being a duly elected L.A. City Official in under four months!  This should serve as an inspiration for many other falsely accused who feel they are powerless in a broken system. Shivers beat out four other candidates for the position of Unclassified Stakeholder.

New Picture (1)The Honorable Councilman, Mr. Shivers, wished to thank his supporters and those who voted for him.

The Hollywood United Neighborhood Council is a branch of Los Angeles City government entrusted to assist and bridge gaps between Hollywood residents and business owners to city officials and city government offices.

It probably didn’t take long for serial false accuser, liar, and sociopath, Perrette to get her dyed dander up and complain to the Board that since ex-husband, now a certified “City Official”, would be conducting various civic, business, and government functions in Hollywood, she would not be able to also partake in these events; except, oh yeah, she never has taken part in any Hollywood United Neighborhood Council events, ever. Oops!

Since the various activities and functions of the Council are publicized, we’ll see how long it takes for serial stalker, pathological liar and false accuser Perrette to show up at one of Coyote’s official city functions, and claim that he is stalking her and in violation of her perpetual illegal decade plus pattern of restraining order terrorism.

If that does occur, and we’re sure that it will, because Perrette; in her own disturbed mind, can’t stop this charade that she has created, we hope that the Honorable Coyote Shivers will summon local police to have the rancid political dissident promptly arrested.





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