Rape prevention for women

Is there a need for rape prevention instruction for women? Aside from all the sexual politics that infect this kind of question (and the answers to it), we contend that the question is actually moot. What is not in dispute is that every human being stands to gain a lot from being able to take care of themselves. Men get this, in most cases. As we consider the lives of women, however, the same can’t be said.

In fact, in this age of postmodern insanity the notion of personal accountability and agency for women has been reduced by feminists to a joke. Bad things are not supposed to happen to women, not because they push themselves to administer good judgement in their lives, and make sound decision. And it is not because they learn how to protect themselves, both mentally and physically. Bad things are not supposed to happen because we tell people not to do bad things to women, which of course leaves women wide open for a lot of bad things to happen to them.

So far have gender ideologues taken the infantilization of women, that the very suggestion of a woman learning how to take care of herself is seen as abusive.

Indeed, it is a sad and absolutely crazy world.

You can imagine that we were very pleased to hear from a self defense instructor who tried to inform women on how to help themselves avoid trouble, And after getting a jaw-dropping dose of insane victim politics for his efforts, decided to bring his wares to video and sought us out as a possible way to reach women with the information.

He wrote to us thus:

I’ve been making youtube videos for a little while now, focusing mostly on firearms and self defense. I recently decided to go ahead and make a short video series on rape avoidance.

I’m not an activist, but your website has changed my life and allowed me to finally understand many of the issues that have bothered me in the past about men’s place in our society.

The videos I made were not specifically about men’s human rights or even about feminism, but I do feel that there is a void in our current culture and media on rape avoidance. It seems to me that while the media is focusing on nonsense, there are actual important issues for young women to face in avoiding rape from the self-defensive standpoint. Unfortunately, that information requires placing responsibility entirely in the hands of the women interested in protecting themselves, which is quite an unpopular approach in today’s victimhood culture.

I felt that it was important to get that viewpoint out there, and was hoping that, if you have time, you could look the videos over and decide if they’re worth linking to on your website.


Whatever your response, I appreciate you taking the time to read this, and would like to thank you and all of the men and women involved with AVFM. You have done me and other men a lot of good in our lives, and I can never thank you strongly enough.

After reviewing the material, we have decided that this man has something of genuine value and we are going to use the reach of this website to provide it.

You will note in the rape prevention introduction video (second one down), he offers some history on what inspired him to do this series, and on his perspective about rape as a crime. We find much of what he had to say showed a great cognizance of the subject matter, from personal, practical and political standpoints. That being said, this video series is offered for the purpose of rape avoidance information early, and is not offered as AVFM commentary on the crime of rape, or its solutions.






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