Welcome to the poster page for A Voice for Men. This area is for making the MRM posters available for download to anyone who wants to print and distribute them.

First, a couple of comments about this page. The comments on this page are for submissions of suggested posters that have already been made. It is not an area to tell others what is wrong with their posters, or how you would do them if you were doing posters. Please respect that the approved posters here were designed by people doing the activism. If you have an idea, by all means make your poster and submit it for review.

A couple of things to consider when making your poster designs. Conventional wisdom is that shorter, concise and catchy messages work much better than big blocks of text that people won’t read. The fewer words, the better, is the general rule.

Also remember that printing color and large amounts of black is much more expensive than black and white. The poster shown here is a great design. It’s very attractive, but the vast amount of black ink and yellow ink makes it very expensive to print.

The most successful poster we know of so far was one designed by KARMA MRA MGTOW. It has seven words and in straight black and white. It got the attention of news media and university officials…on the cheap.

All posters submitted must contain the url to be considered. If you are part of a local MRA group that has a website, that url is recommended, too. QR codes for the site(s) on your poster are highly recommended.

Putting long lists of url’s on the poster, or posters that are “busy” with too much information, is not recommended.

Thanks in advance to all those who create and distribute these valuable tools for spreading the word of the MRM.

Update: Please note that some of these are intentionally provocative to people’s political sensibilities. Others are not. We suggest using judgment as to where you think what type of poster will be most effective in getting the response we want: greater traffic to our web sites, greater awareness of our issues, or greater awareness of who the enemy to the rights of men and boys are. It’s up to you whether, where, and how you use these.


NEW: MHRA Flyer in Hebrew

NEW: Solve only half problem



Feminazi Symbol



Compassion for Men

Two Sides of the same coin.

Don’t be that guy

Tired of this shit yet?

Had enough of this yet?

Stop violence against men

9 out of 10 homeless are men

Mens rights are human rights [white background]

Mens rights are human rights [Dark background]

Are you a happy feminist?

Atheist Poster #1

Atheist Poster #2

A collection from Robert St. Estephe





here is daddy

Hate of man

The most frightening place

Take ’em away

Same old crazy batshit

Outdated feminism (old shoe)

Feminism not as useful as a gramophone

Like a broken record

Eek A Mouse! Silly Feminists.

Honey Badgers don’t give a shit

Honey Badgers don’t give a damn

Democratic Tyrants

Feminism is a Paradox

Independent Dependents

Violent Victims

We are from Earth

Rape is not a negotiation strategy

Don’t be That Girl Text

6PuWI - Imgur

6vmV2 - Imgur

54QDT - Imgur

98usm - Imgur


Hang ’em High!




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