On July 5 – 7, 2013 society’s ‘sisters of misandry’ had plans for an event they called “RadFem Rise Up! 2013 Toronto Conference” to be held at the Beaver Hall Gallery in Toronto Ontario. Unlike previous radfem events, this one had its location and program kept secret. No doubt this is due to the cancellation of their London event earlier this year.

Right now in the wee hours of the morning as I write this the situation currently stands like this; there is the claim that the Beaver Hall Gallery has canceled the booking by the radfem organizers. The radfem organizers are claiming their event is still on. While it is difficult to pinpoint exactly who originally leaked the location of the event, the complaints about radfems were the same as before: ‘radfems are anti trans’ and ‘radfems are anti sexworker.’

I have to say I am disappointed in two ways. First not only are radfems anti-sex-worker and anti-trans, they are extremely anti-male. From their ideology to the comments in their essays they demonstrate the most outspoken form of male hatred hidden behind the neoteny of the female face that I’ve ever witnessed. The fact that their hatred for half the human race is overlooked in the complaints about the radfems is something that should not, nay can not be ignored anymore.

No society, movement, or activist can truthfully claim to be about equality when they overlook hatred for males. Or any other enumerated group for that matter (Hello SPLC are you paying attention yet?). I am also disappointed to hear that they had their event cancelled. I was actually hoping they would have a venue to speak at because I wanted to go and hand out flyers with some of their classy comments.

For those of you not familiar with those loving radfem quotes, let me provide you with some examples. On October 5, 2011 at 6:33 am a user on the radfem hub named Lilith had this to say about radical feminism entering the 21’st century;

“Even if we killed off 90% of men, the majority of women left over would do their best to keep the oppressive system. I’d dare say we’d have to kill off all the women too and leave the little girls and radfems to create the utopia. Great post. Just what I’ve needed to read to help clarify what exactly Radical Feminism is today.”

From the Agent Orange Files we have a wonderful quote by Luckynkl alluding to biological solution to gendercide;

“So if we can come up with a biological weapon that can be ingested and kill off the Y Chromosome in a man’s sperm count, we’re almost home. We can all get hired as waitresses or chefs or work at McDonald’s and sprinkle it into the food or something… It’s not a quick solution. It will take about 2 generations to cull males. But it will work.” (Don’t worry ladies in the full quote she lets us know she wasn’t going to ask your permission to ‘cull’ off your male children.)

Can’t you just feel the love being sprinkled forth by Lucky?

On a blog called twanzphobic.wordpress.com in the comment thread from an article called Militancy is our only option we find these gems discussing the killing of males;

survivorthriver says:
25 April, 2011 at 00:19
Hey, thanks BB for sending me over here, and here I am! I do remember feminist discussions in the early 1970′s where a conscious choice was made NOT to be militant because the MIC is so over-powerful we’d just be wiped out before any spread of the feminist meme was possible. I heard elsewhere that a good model for targeting militant action was SHAC (Stop Huntington Animal Cruelty) where some individuals researched those responsible, and had a Tor browser protected wiki site where they reported their findings, and other individuals were free to take direct action against those individuals/sites. The researchers must not recommend any actions, nor have any connection to those who would take direct action.I’m thinking that the ancient female wisdom of poisoning is relevant. The elites require 4,000 remoras (think those tiny fish that groom the sharks) for maintenance. A well-connected caterer needs lots of part-time remoras and who would know if a friend sashayed in with a vial of….please let me know if this violates security speech or if there is a better venue for details…”

The reply from FAB LIBBER (site owner)

FAB Libber says:
25 April, 2011 at 00:48
“Hiya ST, welcome.
Many good things to think about. Definitely divvying up roles within the (non-)organisation is a good thing. We also might need things like a pool of funds for bail money and stuff. But, probably best not to talk in too much detail in public. (emphasis mine)The important message that the dudes need to understand – you have pushed us far enough, and we will fight back. Totally sick of your pornsick, dickcentric world. An uprising is coming, it is in the wind.”

Then those fun time radfems eventually let their inner child free and coin the term ‘menocide play’

joy says:
25 April, 2011 at 21:10
Menocide play, yes, I do think I like that.My tactic right now is to say it in that “joking” tone of voice that I have — the one I’ve cultivated that confuses men more than usual, “Is she serious, is she joking, or is she just so much cooler than I am that I don’t get it? Must be that, so I should play along lest she stop thinking I’m cool.” (It’s a reversal of a concept in the SCUM Manifesto, actually, and it plays on male insecurity the way they typically play on ours. Also, I really am just a lot cooler than any given dude anyway.)So they laugh, “Haha, menocide! I don’t get it. She’s just really radical and making a really radical joke that I don’t get because I’m square. She wouldn’t really ever do anything bad though. I do get that!”Boy, won’t they be really surprised someday.But it was all in play, officer. You can’t take any of this seriously. After all, when you come right down to it, it’s just a man’s word against mine, and we all know men lie out their asses all the time.”Sargasso Sea says:
25 April, 2011 at 21:21
“Joy is my sister!”

I can certainly see why the SPLC doesn’t consider these loving ladies a hate group, what with how they keep on talking about putting a ‘special-radfem’ dash of love into all our meals. These are the comments and thoughts I would have loved to pass-out on behalf of the radfems around their event. I really and truly wish to be helpful in spreading their words around. They typed them out with full knowledge of what messages the words carried. I want society to be able to decide for themselves about radfems.

Let the radfems be known by their words and actions, I say.

That brings me back to the organizer I spoke of at the beginning of this piece. I think its time to introduce her and for us all to get better acquainted. On twitter she goes by @demonista she runs a site called demonista.wordpress.com and describes herself as a “FREEGAN VEGAN RADICAL FEMINIST, WITH ANARCHIST LEANINGS”

Her real name is Winnie Small.

On her twitter page shortly before midnight last night she tweeted that the radfem event was still on.

“Winnie Small ‏@demonista 6h
RadFem Riseup! http://wp.me/p3FqZA-1r via @wordpressdotcom #radfemriseup is still on.”

Winnie’s tweeted article is a short 7 sentence paragraph. Given she is one of the organizers and tweeted it we can come to the conclusion she knows the contents.

“Despite hundreds of threats of death and violence directed at women and at the venue staff, the RadFem Riseup conference IS GOING FORWARD.  We are having a great time with some wonderful women, gearing up for a day of presentations and strategy tomorrow.  For every threat of violence we receive, another woman wakes up to the reality of the situation.  Every death threat strengthens our resolve.  We will not be prevented from meeting.  We will not be prevented from organizing.  We will not be prevented from rising up.”

The author claims there were numerous threats directed at women and venue staff.
Around 1 am last night a tweet by Janelle Flemming informs us that Winnie and the author (lexyjohn) are lying.

Janelle Flemming ‏@janelleflemming 
According to a gallery committee member, Beaver Hall Gallery did not receive any death threats #lies #radfem #RadFemRiseUp #sexwork #topoli

As one of the organizers, Winnie would have a history of correspondence with the hosts of the radfem event. Therefore, it would be easy for her to request an email, text a witness statement, or a copy of the evidence to corroborate the claims in the announcement posted by lexyjohn. And if she did have evidence of what is claimed why is it not being broadcast for the world to see? If there were threats made, why haven’t the police been notified? If the police were notified why has Winnie or lexy not announced it?

What does this mean? Is the event cancelled, or is it still on?

I find it easy to believe that Winnie and the wonder-womb warriors are still going to have their talks in or around the Toronto area this weekend. I also believe the hashtag #lies used by Janelle in her tweet refuting the claim of threats made by Winnie and the coven of crazy is accurate.

I know that Winnie and the radfem’s allegations are without merit and unsubstantiated, and that behind closed doors and left to their own devices the radfems will enjoy discussing and planning their Menocide play.



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