A thinking man’s rebuttal to “The Thinking Man’s” attack on the Men’s Rights Movement

“False media – we don’t need it, do we?”
-Chuck D, “Don’t Believe The Hype”

The proverbial ink had barely dried on Ms. Mariah Blake’s drive-by shooting of a article that appeared on the Mother Jones website last week, where once again the Manosphere in general and A Voice For Men in particular, came in for yet another toss under the bus – this time by none other than White Knight in residence over at London’s Telegraph, Mr. Andrew Lowry, the self-proclaimed “Thinking Man”. is column generates a hella more heat than light on a movement that the mainstream media, academia and Social Justice Warrior Class – a cabal known to us Manospherians as the Cathedral – can no longer ignore.

The Men’s Rights Movement.

As if reading from the same page of the Cathedral’s hymnal, Lowry follows in lemming lockstep fashion behind Blake, in attempting to foist lie after lie and half-truth after half-truth on a still-unsuspecting public about exactly who the MRM is and why we do what we do. Without further ado, your correspondent will address, in point for point fashion, Lowry’s canards and dispatch each with the truth. Because, as we all know, the truth, shall set you free.

Lowry opens his screed about young Ben Moynihan, the British citizen who stabbed three women on the basis of his supposed mating woes (Moynihan claimed being a hopeless virgin). The problem with this line of argument, is that Moynihan didn’t have any links to the Manosphere – just like another young man Lowry squawks about, the late Eliot Rodger – who, it has also been proven, not to have any links whatsoever to the Manosphere. In fact, the only link he did have to anything related to men, was a website known as PUAHate, which, as the name infers, didn’t exactly view Venusian Artists in a flattering light.

Lowry’s mention of George Sodini though, does require a bit of clarification: he did indeed avail himself of Pickup materials in an effort to end his multi-decades long sexual drought. However, the name of the instructor/author Sodini selected was not known to me, nor to anyone else I happen to know in the seduction community of any consequence. That bad actors (like RSD’s Mr. Julien Blanc) abound in any human endeavor, desire or interest that has proven profitable, would seem to be a given to the point of going without mention, except when it comes to the Pickup community for some strange and odd reason. In any event, none of that is meant to explain away or rationalize Sodini’s actions, and every article or blogpost I saw on the topic was one where it was clear on the part of the pickup authors, that they condemned what Sodini did.

I did, and still do, share that view.

Lowry attempts to forge a guilt-by-association, wedded to a haggard causation-equals-correlation argument between these events and the burgeoning MRM – you know, a classic case of Post Hoc Ergo Propter Hoc – facts be damned.

Wow. Just…wow.

Next, the so-called Thinking Man rhetorically asks, seemingly with a straight face, what kind of world do we MRAs think we’re living in? I am only to happy to oblige with an answer:

We live in a world where a woman, sight unseen and real name unknown, can weave a story about being viciously gang-raped, without a shred of evidence, or witnesses, and then have her story brought before the world by one of the world’s renowned pop culture publications – only to be proven a horrid lie.

We live in a world where a man, who just happens to be Black, who has dedicated his life to actually doing something meaningful in helping the Black folk who need the help the most, have his name and legacy dragged through the mud by more than two dozen women, again, without a shred of evidence – and no one pays a price for that. The more things change, the more they stay the same, indeed.

We live in a world where men of color like Jorge Pena, who was just minding his own business on public transportation, can be relentlessly street harassed and then viciously attacked, by women of color, and his ordeal is by no means unusual or unique – indeed, according to avowed feminist and founder of Slate’s Double X column Hanna Rosin, it’s very much on the rise, the incidence of violent and antisocial women and young girls in our time.

We live in a time where for straight men who happen to like the female form in a sexual way, they are shamed and demonized for it, clowned and badgered about their desire to want to learn how to improve themselves so as to be better able to achieve their desires, be that for one night, or for a lifetime with that special lady. Sex positivity for me (if you’re “alt”), but not for thee (if you’re a straight guy and get the warm and fuzzies for women).

And that’s just for starters. I’ve written more extensively all over the Internet about the hows and whys I, as a Black man, find the Men’s Rights agenda to be quite valuable and meaningful to me.

But, of course, I’m the kind of guy the Andrew Lowrys and other Dudley Do-Rights of the world, never seem able to get around to actually talk to, instead of about.

And that quip about how men are the ones who have that ability to make war on others – that it is somehow unique to our “kind”? Note how Lowry goes to myth over fact: right there in his native UK, a Prime Minister took her nation to war for the first time since Churchill; Israel’s first female PM waged war; and India’s first female PM initiated a military operation in the far north of her country that set in motion events that would result in her own death. Nor are they themselves, unique; history going as far back as Cleopatra herself, records female leaders being quite bloodthirsty.

The record as we have it on women in power, suggests quite powerfully that they have every bit as much a taste for blood and treasure as any man.

As more hit-pieces come out about the MRM, those sitting on the sidelines need to ask themselves: why aren’t these people having a sitdown with those of us who have been toiling away in the trenches, for years? Why are they so content to crib the shoddiest of notes from the most fringe elements of the movement? Why won’t they actually address the issues about the MRM they claim are indeed legitimate? What are they afraid of – that their preconceived notions will be proven false?

No, Mr. Lowry – what’s pathetic, is that committed ideologues like you, can’t even be bothered to get the most basic of facts straight on the matter.

Oh, how the mighty have fallen, indeed.

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