Viktor Frankl, Aleksandr Solzhenitsyn and the automatic outgroup derogation of men

For over a year, some AVFM readers have tried to guess my political bias. Some AVFM readers are certain they already know. The Automatic Outgroup Derogation of Men exists independently of politics but is inextricably intertwined with politics. It permeates propaganda, media, religion, culture, and law. In today’s climate, it’d be impossible to pretend a writer is politically unbiased. So, I’ve decided to write a political statement before proceeding any further.

A few hours of reading, 15 hours of audiobooks, or a few minutes on Wikipedia may be required.

Reading the the Gulag Archipelago and Man’s Search for Meaning won’t make any of us political theorists, psychologists, or death camp survivors, but it should give us a good starting point toward understanding the following political statement.

Gulags and concentration camps look pretty much the same from the inside. Lone islands on the outskirts of group-think fantasylands, where a steady stream of initially male, then increasingly female, infidels, and apostates are quarantined and worked to death for re-education of the state religion.

The Blue Church solves for complexity and promises a utopia of plenty; they sing songs of men, as the perpetual oppressor.

The Red Church solves for boundaries, and promises a utopia of safety; they hunt men, as the perpetual aggressor.

The groupthink disasters of the 20th century were the result of what happens when people are willing to lie, even a little, just to get along, and a little more, to get ahead. Left and Right look exactly the same in the deathcamp mirror.

We’d all like to think that we’d be on the resistance side of history, but the data does not support that claim. We can only learn to be on guard against our worst instincts, if we’re willing to come to terms with the monsters we could easily become.

Fact is, we are more likely to be complicit due to the cone of willful ignorance surrounding our sacred values than to have our logic, reason, or ethics stop us from helping the bad guys of future histories.

It’s very easy for us to not even notice what types of little lies we’re personally willing to tell, just to get by. Until it’s too late, of course, as goes the story of the 20th century.

Why should we look take a closer look at the Gender Differences in Automatic In-Group Bias?  Because, men, as a group, are idiots, meaning, they don’t know they’re a group, and they’re being played, in a very specific way.

This would be great for women, but unfortunately, it opens up a blind spot as a species. Humans often miss important details, and it harms women and children.

One example is the boys burned alive by Boko Haram.  Had we noticed, when the boys were being burned alive, we might have been able to stop the girls from being kidnapped later, when the men eventually came back.

We don’t know where those girls are today, but we know we can’t bring back the boys because they are a burned huddled together lump in mass graves.

Bring Back Our Girls

This is one extreme example of a hell of a thing to miss, but it points to something missing in our awareness that we should be on alert for. The automatic outgroup derogation of men is a phenomena that has made us miss stuff, important stuff. This bias is infinitely exploitable.

Gender differences in automatic in-group bias play out at scale when media, social media, politics, and law, become complicated beyond our ability to manage them. Human beings end up in a meat grinder of our own design.

Either political pattern will produce derogation centers, and in the U.S., the Red and Blue Churches have been collaborating for 40 years to incarcerate men. The piles of broken bodies, is just currently out of site and therefore out of mind, in U.S. prisons. Mass incarceration and decades of perpetual counter insurgency war have created a generation of piles, upon piles of broken bodies.

My perspective is not that we aren’t on the brink of a cataclysm, but that we’ve been inching toward one, little by little, in very slow motion, for about 40 years. Driven by a willingness to be swayed by and tell, little lies, just to get by.

In recent decades, a gender identity movement has been growing that frames the most personal of issues as deeply political, consequently the political side to this group, is also deeply personal. To this pure identity movement, all of human history can be summarized as a series of human rights violations perpetrated against it. A certain recipe for a viral and sticky fluid to fill a group think tank.

I have only belonged to one political party in my life, for a period of 13 days when I then thoroughly revoked affiliation.

Gender Differences in Automatic In-group bias are not politically limited to one group or another, despite my exploring them through the lens of politics in this treatise. I do not endorse the use of the automatic outgroup derogation of men for any political purposes, and quite the contrary, I aim to bring attention to it, so that we can slow it’s viral effects. Especially in a world where the media’s main job is to make us angry enough to click links.

This is the best statement of my own bias that I can construct as of October 24, 2018.

Jewel Eldora

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