Intactivism Strategy Forum, TONIGHT

Tonight, Wednesday 8th April, 7pm Pacific Time – call in or join online.

We all Know It: It’s Time to Take Intactivism to the Next Level.

Discussion will centre around a proposal for a new organization – Next Level Intactivism – whose main goal is to ensure all opportunities for Intactivism are expressed to their fullest potential! Mainly this means working with other organizations to improve their own outreach and to provide whatever support they may need. The main goal is to increase communication between the Intactivist community, increase support and generate donations, mobilize a volunteer force and educate intactivists so they can answer any question or rebuttal thrown at them.

Next Level Intactivism will be comprised of volunteers only. The organisation will not seek a budget at this current time, except for individual donations to cover printed materials drives or to pay for a website or other tangibles. All donated funds will be posted on the central website and payouts costs will be listed.

Next Level Intactivism will run an online web portal which will include:

  1. Articles from contributing Intactivst groups. Intactivist organizations can solicit donations, inform Intactivists of their goals, events, and use the platform to educate Intactivists.

  2. Online central magazine style hub for all Intactivist groups including scheduling all Intactivist events across the globe with easy filtering for Intactivists to find events in their local areas.

  3. Online pool of volunteer opportunities for Intactivsts to share between groups.

In addition to a central online hub, Next Level Intactivism will be comprised of various committees each with clearly defined goals and objectives.

Sample of the proposed committees:

Print Flyers/Cards/Stickers/Brochures Committee
Website Development and Maintenance Committee
Donation and Funds Development Committee (to distribute between non-profit members)
Intactivist Historical Society
Mutilators Accountability Project
Doctor Accountability Project
Volunteers Organization/Action Committee
Legal Committee
Educate Intactivists Committee
Politician Outreach Committee
Scientific Research Committee
Victim Support Group

Lets put some BUTTER on the skids of Intactivism. ITS TIME!!!!

There are no plans at present to publish this conversation. To be involved:

Dial-in number (US): (515) 739-1015
Access code: 349-162-231#
International dial-in numbers:
Online meeting ID: 349-162-231
Join the online meeting:

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