How Social Justice Warriors ruin social media

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Social Justice Warriors (SJWs) are the bane of the Internet’s existence. We all know these people. They are activists who crusade for  the “victims” of society, namely women, non-Whites and LGBT individuals. They decree that all who disagree with them are bigots. Hate feminism? You are a vile misogynist. Think that welfare hurts minorities instead of helping them? Racist. Tired of LGBT rights activists calling the vast majority of people evil oppressors because they’re heterosexual? Homophobe.

They will do anything and everything to promote their agenda, thereby ruining whatever they infect via censorship and harassment. Take just about any popular forum or social network and you will find them and their damage. Not only that, they infect and damage discourse in the exact same manner every time. Yet no matter how many places they ruin, nobody seems to learn.

The following is how SJWs destroy social media, every single time. The examples I use are of feminist ideologue SJWs, as they tend to be the majority of SJWs.

Step 1: Infect Popular Forum or Social Network

As forums and social networks grow in popularity, more and different kinds of people gravitate toward them, including SJWs. But unlike most people, who attempt at some level to fit in, SJWs must change the culture to fit their ideology. Many of these networks are at first filled with manly heterosexual White men who speak their mind, including their attraction to attractive women, which is verboten to SJWs because male sexuality is bad.

Step 2: Start Complaining

At first, the SJWs are just a minor annoyance. A complaint about “an insensitive comment about a woman’s attractiveness” here or a picture of scantily clad woman there. Since they are in the minority, they are largely dismissed and ignored. However, since they are ignored, they keep getting louder.

Step 3: Gain Control

Seeing as nobody cares about their whining when guys post pictures of half-naked women, SJWs gain control of the forum or social network. On forums, they become mods and admins. On social networks, they build up enough of a following of like-minded followers to affect it, be it harassing somebody off the network or getting the target suspended. And on Wikipedia, they openly co-opt it for a feminist agenda.

Step 4: Silence and Harass

Once the SJWs are in full control, the censoring and the harassment begin. Now it is no longer just about ending the objectification of women, but it is about the indoctrination of the feminist agenda. All dissent is squashed and those who disagree are harassed until they either fall in line, shut up, or leave completely. The only accepted viewpoint is the SJW agenda and that’s it, there is no other. Two current relevant examples are the censorship on Reddit of the discussion of the Zoe Quinn Scandal and Anita Sarkeesian getting her followers to get Thunderf00t suspended on Twitter. 

Step 5: Destruction Complete

Once the ideologues are in control, the social networks and forums gradually lose prestige and active membership until they either die or become inconsequential. For example, I used to frequent the humor website Something Awful and its accompanying forums for years. Something Awful reached its height and influence in the mid-2000s because of its edgy and boundary-pushing content that often offended large amounts of people. But once it grew to massive size, the SJWs moved in, took control, and made it politically correct, taking away the elements that made it famous. While Something Awful is still around and producing content, it is a shadow of its former self and is basically irrelevant.

While sites like Reddit and Twitter are still going strong, I know many people who have grown sick of the SJWs on both sites. I myself deleted my relatively popular Twitter account because I got sick of the constant harassment by SJWs; it just wasn’t worth fighting them anymore. Wikipedia has begun to shrink in importance and trust by its users (though, to be fair, Wikipedia was in trouble long before it was co-opted by feminists).

What can be done? Simple: Do not allow SJWs to control discourse, ever! You can never win against them because they are not actually fighting for the oppressed; rather, they are opportunistic bullies shrouding themselves in self-righteousness. That is why they will attempt to take control—because that is what this is really about: power. As long as SJWs have the power, they will ruin forum and after forum, social network after social network. Do not give them the power by letting them get to Step 3 and they will remain minor annoyances at best.

So the next time you are on a male-heavy forum and you see posts by a few women decrying objectification, either completely and permanently shut them out or run. You have been warned.

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