A tale of two talk shows

The mind-numbing hypocrisy of feminists never ceases to leave me in a state of disbelief, such is their sheer unashamed, unapologetic bigotry. I have witnessed a most perfect example of this only days ago. It provides a very clear view of how our media and society operates, and I must say I am struggling to contain my anger as I write this.

Earlier this year, NFL footballer Ray Rice knocked out his now-wife in response to her punching him. Video footage of him dragging her seemingly unconscious body from a casino elevator caused outrage. No one would dispute that his retaliation was excessive and disproportionate. The fact remains that his wife conceded that she punched him first.1

Rice was trotted out for the inevitable mea culpa and claimed, “My wife can do no wrong.” The fact that both parties were heavily intoxicated is not mentioned in many accounts of the incident. But this unfortunate incident is not the focus of my article.

Sometime after this domestic conflict, a well-known ESPN sports reporter, Stephen A. Smith, commented on the altercation in a discussion on his show. There, Smith repeatedly said, “No man should ever put his hands on a woman,” and spoke what sounded to my ears to be common sense. Just as any man would know he shouldn’t walk up to a bigger, stronger man and assault him or get in his face and abuse him, so, too, a woman should never hit a man or get in his face and not expect some kind of response. Sounds fair to me.

Wrong, apparently.

There was an explosive response to Smith’s “victim-blaming” comments. Apparently any woman who assaults a man and then gets hit in return is a victim. I’m quite sure this doesn’t apply when a man assaults another man and then gets hit in retaliation.

Smith was forced to retract his statement and apologize. His apology actually made me feel physically ill. The man bowed at the feet of feminism and licked the shit from the bottom of their boots. It was the most disgustingly grovelling, cowardly act I have seen in a long time. Of course, if he had not done this, he would have lost his job. He was suspended for a week for his unacceptable comments.

Watch it, but you will need a bucket:


This coward now believes that no woman can ever do anything considered to be provocation when involved in a conflict with a man. I assume this weasel would smile as a woman raked his face with her nails or swung her fist at his nose. Perhaps he would give a little whimper as she jabbed him with a knife or hurled boiling water in his face. But I am sure he would maintain that she had done nothing to provoke him, and if he did lash out, his next action would be to hand himself in to the local police and offer his hands to be cuffed.

What sort of a sick, twisted world do we live in? Based on this man’s sickening, gutless apology, one-half of the human race can never be guilty of a provocative act.

But the disgusting double standards do not end here, my friends.

Whoopi Goldberg chose to speak about the whole episode and Smith’s initial comments on a program called The View. Unfortunately, the complete version of this clip has been removed. Here is an edited version:


Goldberg was attacked by the other three women on the panel. They screeched and squirmed as she said no one should hit anyone. Again, this very sensible statement caused a meltdown. But what was deeply disturbing was that one of these panelists, Sunny Hostin, a former assistant United States attorney, made some of the most outrageous statements to come from the mouth of a lawyer.

This woman said she had prosecuted many domestic violence cases in her time and that she believed a man should never lay a hand upon a woman (even in self-defence or retaliation) and if he did, he would be going straight to jail.

When Goldberg insisted that women should never lay a hand on a man and not expect a response, this former attorney said, “That’s blaming the victim!”

Get it? This attorney who has prosecuted many domestic violence cases believes a woman who assaults a man and then gets hit in return is the victim in this situation! How many innocent men has she sent to jail and how many guilty women have walked free as the victims of domestic violence?

Let’s be clear here. The case being discussed was an example of a disproportionate response, but in Hostin’s court if you simply slapped a woman in response to her slapping you, you are off to jail.

Imagine, if you will, that a former attorney (let’s make him a man) appeared on a discussion panel on a high-rating TV show and said, “No Black should ever lay a hand on a White, and in my court if he does—no matter what the reason—he goes straight to jail.” Cue the outrage, hysteria, hyperventilation, protest marches, news headlines, calls for his head, and general mayhem.

The fact of the matter is that the comments by Hostin have drawn absolutely no reaction from anyone and all of the attention has been on the “controversial” comments by Goldberg. You know, she pushed forward the shocking notion that no person should ever lay their hands upon another person in a violent manner.

As my dear dad used to say, Jesus wept.

There are some questions I would like to put to Sunny Hostin. She says that no man should ever hit or physically attack a woman for any reason. I believe she takes this stance because men are generally physically bigger and stronger than women. I use the word “generally” deliberately because there are many large, aggressive women and many small, passive men on this planet.

Watch the clips below and see if women (even small women) are not capable of the most vicious assaults. What would  Hostin have done to any man who hit back against these vicious attacks? The men would be locked away and these vicious women would walk free and sanctified as victims. You might also note the laughter from people who are witnessing these vicious assaults in these clips. It is female laughter.


Now if Hostin believes strength is the issue, then we must believe that if a smaller man walked up to a bigger man in a pub and punched him in the face and the bigger man responded by punching him back and hurting him, Hostin would have the retaliator thrown in jail and allow the smaller man to play the role of victim. We know, however, without a shadow of a doubt, that Hostin would hold the same belief about this incident as the rest of the community: the smaller man got exactly what he deserved for attacking the bigger man in the first place.

In fact, I’m sure many people would applaud the response and hoped it taught the initiator a good lesson.

So clearly, the issue is not and never has been about size and strength. There is only one factor at play here—gender.

Now, I referred to two talk shows in my title. We are all (I think) familiar with the clip in which Sharon Osbourne expressed her delight over the fact that a woman had drugged her husband, tied him down, cut off his penis, and thrown it in a garbage disposal unit where it was chewed up.

Watch it and refresh your memories:


What was the fallout from this vile, offensive, vicious misandry?


Oh, well—there was an apology, which Osbourne smirked her way through without the slightest hint of remorse.

She never missed an hour’s, let alone a day’s, suspension for her “unacceptable comments.”

So here we have it. Stephen A. Smith says emphatically that no man should ever lay his hands on a woman … but women should not hit men and provoke them into doing something that may result in them being harmed. This is deemed unacceptable in our society, and he is suspended.

Sharon Osbourne, her co-panelists, and a screeching audience of females cheer, clap, and laugh as the mutilation of a man’s genitals is discussed and call it “fabulous.” They say, “That will teach him!” and talk about reasons why you might feel the urge to cut off your husband’s/boyfriend’s penis. All of this on a nationally syndicated talk show. This was not deemed unacceptable. No one was suspended. Allow me to quote my dad one more time:

Jesus wept.



[1] Suspended Ray Rice: ‘I made the biggest mistake of my life’

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