When is it OK to Punch Your Wife?

It might be easy to think that the title to this piece is simple provocation, a tool to inspire people, perhaps mislead them, through sparking an angry reaction or just plain morbid curiosity, into taking a look at what this article is about.

Even though the thrust here is slightly different than the title would imply, there is no deception here at all. The question is serious, and the answer, to be certain, is so clear it need not take an entire article to address.

When is it O.K. to punch your wife? Well, anytime you are defending yourself from her physical attack. You have the right, at that moment, legally and morally, as is explicit in every legal model I know of, to use whatever force is necessary to protect yourself.

Ah, but you really don’t, which is of course the real purpose of this article, and a purpose well worth study and consideration.

You see, the surface answer about self defense only applies in the world of legal theory and the land of ought-ta-be.

In the real world, where we actually live, the preponderance of people, from your friendly neighborhood patriarch to his twin sister the Gloria Steinem clone, see this type of dialog as a reason to go nuclear. In fact, I knew that the title would be provocative precisely because we live in a culture where I am not supposed to even ask such a thing. It’s like asking when it is OK to hunt an endangered species, or steal a senior citizens social security check, or joke about children with cancer.

And people, whether it is women gone insane with the power of the pussy pass, or the men who are in fact the underwriters of those passes, will surely bring their wrath down upon you. They will rush in to scream, “You NEVER hit a woman! NEVER, NEVER, NEVER!”

I can just see the bulging veins in their necks, their flushed cheeks, and spittle flying from their mouths.

And of course they are right. A man should never hit a woman.


Not if he knows what is good for him.

It’s not because some women don’t deserve it. Heck, there is many a woman that righteously deserves a foot being broken off in her ass. You read about them a lot these days; women who beat and abuse their partners, who poison them, who hire paid killers to take them out, who shoot and stab and cut their husbands and boyfriends in their sleep, who run them down and kill them in cars, who get other thugs to torture and abuse them.

There are women, and plenty of them, for which a solid ass kicking would be the least that they deserve; where any justice at all would deliver to them the executioners needle. But hey, we can‘t even defend ourselves against them, so it makes perfect sense that they won’t find themselves on the wrong side of the glass window in a death chamber- no matter what they do.

The real question here is not whether these women deserve the business end of a right hook, they obviously do, and some of them deserve one hard enough to leave them in an unconscious, innocuous pile on the ground if it serves to protect the innocent from imminent harm.

The real question is whether men deserve to be able to physically defend themselves from assault when it comes from a woman. Does the concept of self defense even apply to men who are the victims of violent females? Technically, the law says yes. But the people around you, especially the ones with guns, regard the pussy pass as a higher authority.

You hit a woman, even in self defense; indeed if you even call the cops on one that is beating the crap out you, the beta thugs we have come to call police will come round to your house and deliver some fucking law and order- on you.

I know, I just crossed another line. This time that thin blue one. Just like asking when it is alright to punch your wife, I am breaking a social gag order to point at police, rather at what police have become, and speak the truth.

But of course, that is how the police ended up doing what they are doing- by everyone keeping their mouths shut.

I respect the idea of police work very much. I have known many in law enforcement, including members of my family.

I also know that street cops are obliged to follow department policy, no matter how screwed up it is, or face losing their jobs. For that reason alone I have taken a soft line with the police for a long time.

In other words, I have been a part of the problem. I hate those kinds of look-in-the-mirror moments, but there is only one thing you can do with them- freaking fix the problem. And so I am here to start.

If you are willing to keep your job as a police officer by taking an abused man to jail for the sake of department policy or convenience, or even for your job, then you lack the integrity to be a public servant. Please take off your badge and resign. I am sure there are openings in the nearest street gang- where rule by force, not law, is much more your cup of tea.

Or perhaps you like your position a beta male thug enforcer. Perhaps you don’t care who you cuff and cage as long as it gives you a hard on. Either way, I am tired of the public overlooking your actions, and worse, patting you on the back for being morally bankrupt and abusing innocent men.

Lest you think I am being over reactive about just how far the police have gone. Let’s take a look at a case or two.

In Sacramento, California David Woods’s wife Ruth took their young daughters outside in 39 degree temperatures, for seven hours, till their lips were blue and they were borderline hypothermic. After she returned, Woods argued with his wife about her actions, till she grabbed a serrated kitchen knife and stabbed at him. The blade passed through the collar of his shirt and actually gave him a small nick in the flesh of his neck. Apparently unsatisfied, she reared back to stab him again, but this time he hit her in the mouth. She dropped the knife and ran to call 911. Sacramento Sheriffs Deputies arrived at the scene to intervene, drew their guns, and slapped cuffs- on Mr. Woods.

They were preparing to take him to jail, over his protests, but it was the daughters, who insisted that the deputies listen to them (they sure as hell were not listening to him), that finally prevented them from taking their father to jail and leaving them alone with the disturbed and violent mother.

But, they did not take the mother anywhere either. They released Woods from his handcuffs advised him to get her to counseling.

After the incident Woods was quoted as saying, “Now, isn’t that strange? When she had a fat lip it was a felony and I was going to jail. But when they finally realized she tried to stab me in the neck, it stopped being a crime and became a mental health issue.”

Woods is not alone. This sham is passing for good police intervention on family violence in every major city in the country. From L.A. to New York City, police are embracing policies for handling domestic calls that can only be described as politically motivated, simple minded and criminal.

Whatever happens, arrest the guy, unless someone beats you over the head hard enough with the truth that you have no choice but to consider arresting whatever aggressor the evidence points to.

In doing this, our police, with our absolute complicity, have gone from being public servants to public menaces, trampling on victims, enabling criminals- mindlessly obeying department policy to the point that Gestapo references would not be overblown.

Their handling of domestic disputes is part of the a massive roll back in civil and constitutional rights and they need to be called to task for it.

Consider the following clip from ABC news that measures reactions of people to seeing a man violently abused by a woman.

Predictably, few people cared at all, one even celebrated the guy getting a beating, and most just decided on their own that he had it coming, but most telling is the cop that walked past this scene doing nothing and later told reporters, “Yeah, if it had been the other way around I would have definitely done something.”

Then he excused it by talking about how he was raised, admitted that it was a double standard, but informed us that even being confronted with it was going to change nothing.

“Hey, it is what it is,” he says.

Consider the recent story out of Orlando, Florida, regarding the false rape accusation epidemic. Even in that situation, as reported by police themselves, they do not want to arrest women– simply because they are women. The pussy pass is police issue.

Note the basic turn of events. Man angers women. Women attack, verbally and physically. Man refuses to comply. Women call police. Women lie. And lie again. And lie again. And lie again.

Police office treats the man as though he is the problem, going as far as to tell him that he cannot disrespect women.

Any thoughts on what would have happened if this man were not smart enough to film his actions?

And this is what we have, people. From rape allegations to domestic disputes, to civil protests, we have police that are badge wearing, gun toting enforcers of feminist governance. They are either too poorly trained, or too brainwashed or too stupid to realize the socially destructive nature of their actions.

So when is it Ok to punch your wife? Ask David Woods, he’ll tell you. Don’t defend yourself. Don’t expect help. Just run. Forget your property. Forget justice. And get a hotel because there won’t be a safe house. Not for you.

If you are a man in this culture and you are unfortunate enough to have an altercation with a woman, you know who is coming to take care of things, don’t you?

That’s right, the Sacramento Sherriff’s Department. Or maybe the Orlando police, or maybe that muscle bound cop in the park who would walk past you getting beaten like he was a fry cook instead of a law enforcement officer.

Whoever comes, they are not about the any law except her law, and you will find that out as they put the handcuffs on you and haul your ass to jail for having been stupid enough to expect them to do the right thing.

Let that sink in. Let it sink in any way you like, but I advise you to get it on your way out of her reach, and theirs.

This ain’t no country for men, any more.

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