Interdisciplinary Shaming Dept. part IV – Scott Ritchie

This article is one part of a series exposing corrupt, fear-mongering academics who used police officers and lawyers to silence a single student while they move to crush his free speech and Title IX rights. Read Part III here and Part V here.

Scott Ritchie
Scott Ritchie

Scott Ritchie, one of Sage Gerard’s false accusers in #KSUStickerGate, believes that Sage Gerard created a hostile work environment on Kennesaw State University (KSU) by peaceful nonviolent activism and expressing opinions. Scott reported Sage on a university system level through KSU’s channels. It appears that the method Scott used to file the report revealed his identity, when he expected to remain anonymous. Either way, his ignorance and cowardice are not my problems.

Menformation,” a Tumblr started by ISD faculty and KSU YESbody!, argued that The University System of Georgia (USG) should have protected Ritchie’s anonymity. I argue that if these dolts were suddenly under a serious state-funded investigation, they would demand to know who started it if they were innocent.

Ritchie lying

Scott gets some things wrong in the report. It is true that Sage posted AVfM stickers, but he admitted that before ISD even noticed he did so. Scott did not “observe it” because he was not a witness, nor did he have any evidence to show that Sage putting up stickers saying that men were human was an “ongoing issue.”

Scott is a slimy liar, but he is not as overtly ridiculous as Tom Pynn or Stacy Keltner . He is, however, a demagogue, and this article will be more focused on the work he supports. Since some of Scott’s papers are easily accessible, I figure this is a good chance to give you a glimpse of what your tax dollars fund.

Before I address Scott, I need to make two statements about harassment and proportionality in light of recent brainless criticisms.

First, KSU students and ISD faculty targeted Sage Gerard, a student, and posted some of his public information. The “Menformation” Tumblr page linked to many of Sage’s public profiles, through many of which he could be contacted. Through the links provided, it is not hard to find his email, his professional background, his picture, and so on.

In other words, I am not doing anything to ISD faculty that they have not done to Sage, with the notable exception of actually addressing them (because unlike Sage, I am not legally barred from doing so). So when ISD targets Sage, it’s for the safety of faculty and social justice, but when I do it to them, it’s harassment–I suppose they will claim so anyway. But if you think I am harassing ISD faculty, then you must admit that employees of Kennesaw State University’s ISD harassed Sage Gerard, a student, simply because they did not like his political views.

If Kennesaw State University or some mentally defective demagogue makes even one peep about AVfM “harassing” faculty, then they have to explain why it’s okay when public servants do it to Sage Gerard.

Second, bad politicians, judges, cops, and other public servants spend most of their time being “harassed” when they do much of anything, especially when they commit a serious human rights violation, such as in the murder of Eric Garner.

It is our view that corrupt persons, especially those in positions of power and authority within state institutions, should face public ridicule, and that’s one of the risks that comes with following a higher standard of ethics. Without accountability, those ethics become meaningless. If speaking in support of Sage against his bullies is “harassment,” then every activist who ever targeted a public figure is a “harasser.” Get real.

This is not the story of mean ol’ Paul telepathically encouraging the next Elliot Rodger to Rambo the campus. This is the story of Kennesaw State Unviersity Interdisciplinary Study Department employees playing dirty.

My intention is to never let Kennesaw State University forget that they made a mistake. I’ve offered to announce which among them act like adults if they own up to their role in making Sage’s life a living hell, and apologize for it.

So that’s the end of that. On to Scott Bitchy.

Scott, you are more reserved about Sage in your emails given what our records show, but you are still a flaming hypocrite. You chipped in twenty bucks to YESbody!’s demonstration—with more from ISD chair Robbie Lieberman—to encourage YESbody! to cry “rape culture” with their free expression, all the while following KSU administrators in hopes that Male Students in Peril would be cancelled. Sage Gerard donated the rest of the money YESbody! needed, because Sage actually does support free speech in spite of disagreement.

I wish I had the time and patience to look through all of Scott Ritchie’s papers, but I’ll just take a look at Teacher Education for Social Change: Transforming a Content Methods Course Block. It seems Scott Ritchie and his co-authors want to groom teachers into “social justice” activists because undergraduate teacher education employs “hegemonic domestication” of candidates. The paper parrots bell hooks’ sentiment that candidates bring a discourse of “imperialist white supremacist capitalist patriarchy.”

This stuff even sounds made up, Scott. Given the disgusting racist and religious influences impacting blacks, Hispanics, immigrants, and other minority demographics still present in our police force, prison system and courts, you need to accept that you’re not helping. You’re the guy that gets a black friend just so you can say you’re not racist.

Your work lacks perspectives that advocate an end to bigotry through reconciliation. Instead, it seems you wish to indoctrinate people into accepting social responsibilities according to ideological criteria. The only thing obscuring this nonsense is the typical cloud of buzzwords. Nowhere do you ask yourself pertinent questions like “Am I just trying to control what I can’t control?”

I agree with you about enforcing standards in hiring practices. The problem is that my standards are “imperialist” because they value merit, so that probably wouldn’t help your career much. That, and “enforcement” implies power, so it seems you want to resist hegemonic forces by replacing it with… a hegemonic force you like.

That cliche quote by Nietzsche about staring into the abyss applies only too well here.

Throwing Sage in the “misogynistic conservative imperialist patriarch in training” box helps keep hate and injustice alive, Scott. Your behavior and attitude show that you are the next vessel of empty promises doublethinking about how to control the system without controlling people. And what do you have to show for your crusade? Getting offended at stickers in a woman’s restroom saying that men are human, eight months after their removal?

You joined an organized crusade against a single student and claimed that he alone created a hostile environment. Do you not see the irony in this? It’s staring you right in the face, you blubbering sycophant: You are the hostile environment.

Why don’t you try owning a little responsibility as a “privileged male,” and apologize to Sage Gerard and the student body and alumni as a whole?

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