Interdisciplinary Shaming Dept. Part I – Introduction

This article is one part of a series exposing corrupt, fear-mongering academics who used police officers and lawyers to silence a single student while they move to crush his free speech and Title IX rights. Read Part II here.

Sage Gerard has been falsely accused of creating a hostile environment for Kennesaw State University (KSU) professors, and for demonstrating a desire to kill women, among other things.

No, seriously, this really happened.

Sage is legally prohibited from contacting his accusers about the accusations they made ever again, even though the allegations were found to be false. KSU has never once made any assurance to Sage that the faculty members who are obviously targeting him will leave him and his friends alone. The final touch to this shit-sandwich is that an attorney on campus says that Sage’s harassers have never harassed him.

It’s not that I don’t love an opportunity to speak in defense of a fellow MHRA, but I am irked that Sage Gerard has once again been legally prohibited from fighting his own fight. He should be the one writing this article, but tell that to the administrators of a University who protects “a marketplace of ideas,” or whatever else bullshit the intellectual cowards at KSU tell themselves they are doing.

Some of you who have watched my interviews with Sage on my YouTube channel know that professors of the KSU Interdisciplinary Studies Department (ISD) have been viciously targeting Sage and the alleged evils he apparently embodies. Sage had to be careful about what he could or could not share, but now enough time has passed and enough evidence has been collected to provide the full story.

First Brian Clyne endangered Sage and told the cops to keep Sage from contacting him, and now professors are doing the same thing. The evidence I now have in my personal possession now shows that Sage is innocent (even in the eyes of KSU), and his accusers are more paranoid than a claustrophobic meth-head in a funhouse.

The KSU Division of Legal Affairs has not noted ISD faculty’s targeted conduct in their investigation of inflammatory allegations against Sage. Instead, KSU Legal has excluded ISD’s retaliatory behaviors and simply reported that Sage acted “inappropriately” in March of 2013, when he posted AVfM stickers around campus, including the inside of an empty women’s restroom. It was framed to make it seem that Sage was “askin’ for it,” and that Sage’s arguments in his defense are just complaints about what people think of him.

Keep in mind that they said this about a man who openly calls himself anti-feminist, runs a satirical award show based entirely on mocking idiots, and struts into a women’s restroom to slap up stickers that says “MEN’S RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS.”

Meanwhile, no mention of the department-wide freak-out and disinformation campaign waged about Sage’s opinions.

The situation has blown up to a long and complicated story that cannot fit into one article. Sage’s bullies would not accept the possibility that Sage is a decent human being. They will now be proven wrong in what is likely going to become the longest article series ever published on these pages.

I offer a disclaimer and a fucking ultimatum:

Sage has made evidence available to AVfM staff in the interests of learning about his options in rectifying the situations he faced, not expressly for purposes of publication. That being said, I am the sole and final arbiter of what will be published on this site once it is in my possession—which I now have in volumes. Any opinions expressed in light of the evidence are also my own – or that of readers in the comments.  My ultimatum is that if I hear of any student or faculty member retaliating against Sage for my addressing his accusers about this case, then understand that AVfM will do everything in its power to hold Kennesaw State University responsible for its failure to protect the Title IX right to a safe environment owed to one of its outstanding students, and for instead making a deliberate, systemic attempt to damage his established academic career and well-being.

In other words, back the fuck away from Sage and own up to your mistakes. And if, for whatever reason, you hubristic asshats think this is an empty threat or keyboard bravado, I suggest you look through the history of this website. Look at the judges we have forced to recuse themselves, at prosecutors we have had sanctioned, and indeed at entire prosecutors offices we have so destroyed in the public eye that they were voted out on their corrupt, lying asses.

We fucked them up with the truth, and we will do the same thing to the slimeballs that constitute the Interdisciplinary Studies Department at Kennesaw State University.

I intend to name each and every one of the Sage’s abusers, provide their imagery and describe their behavior in dedicated articles. I may even cite their publications and qualifications to see if their reputation for peace, diversity and equality match their conduct. Other articles will also be produced to elaborate on case details where necessary.

Oh, and you might want to remember. Internet search queries are forever. So is our resolve to lay waste to corrupt scumbags.

There are feminist lunatics at KSU that make Big Red look like Clifford, and MHRAs can learn from Sage’s example about how to protect oneself under heat. And if you need another reason to be pissed off at KSU, note that these professors have made an organized attempt to dismantle Zen Men (then KSU Men) by scaring off its faculty sponsors and by spreading lies to students. This means that if ISD succeeded, all of the donations you all have been offering Sage to do the incredible work he does would end up in limbo, waiting for a new purpose. These feminist professors didn’t just go after Sage, they went after your investment.

The perspectives of ISD will be fairly considered in light of Sage’s own conduct, which would understandably upset any brainless ideologue who believes every 20-something non-feminist is a school shooter waiting for an excuse. However, any prudent person who reviews the evidence will understand that the response to Sage’s actions was by no means proportionate.

Sage has given too much to be left lost at sea here, so KSU should probably consider giving more of a shit about him instead of playing politics. The world will be watching if the men’s rights community has to do the job KSU should have been doing all along.

Enough delay. First in line for a public spanking is Gender Studies Coordinator Stacy Keltner.

Mr. Esmay, my paddle, please. We’re going to be here for a while.


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