Forgotten History

False rape allegations—An old tradition

The following gives an account of false sexual assault and rape allegations, and the reasons women manufactured them, that were commonplace 120 years ago when the below article was written by E. Belfort Bax. Were the methods of evidence-gathering 120 years ago faulty? Definitely. Were some genuine victims of sexual assault disbelieved? Unfortunately, yes. Were …

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Quick divorce, easy money – It's not about "equality"

“Never trust a woman (of bad character)” is a good motto. Yet it is one which must be complemented by “never trust a man (of bad character).” Here is a look at a female legislator’s efforts — in days gone by — to fight for the rights of males, conjoined with a newspaper commentary on those same efforts written by a female journalist. You are invited hereby to meet two “proto-Honeybadgers.”