Ty Henry

Analysis of the Jameis Winston Saga

There are winners and losers in this world, and Jameis Winston is clearly a winner. Yet despite massive evidence to the contrary, Jameis will be tarred with the stigma of “accused rapist” for years to come. Ty Henry has an in-depth analysis of his ongoing saga, and those who stand to profit from keeping the stigma on him–and on all men.

Selective silence: sports media mum on violent women

Ty Henry points out some glaring double standards in the coverage of the sports world when it comes to rape and female-perpetuated domestic violence… even against other women. Female athlete shoots at her female partner’s vehicle and beats on it with a bat? Mums the word! Henry puts out another another call to activism for the MRA community to end the silence.

MMA fighter Phil Davis’ most dangerous battle

Mixed Martial Artist Phil Davis is by all accounts one of the best fighters alive, but the odds are stacked heavily against him in an upcoming bout. AVfM welcomes contributor Ty Henry, who has the story on the crushing fight ahead for an elite fighter about to enter an octagon of pain unlike any he’s ever faced.