James Huff

AVFM News and Activism: Captain Capitalism

What’s in it’s pocketsesss? Less a whole lot of money thanks to policies brought about by feminists and white knights lawmakers. Tonight we will explore the waters of economics with Captain Capitalism. Join us as we begin to try and make sense of the financial pitfalls that feminism creates, and how we can best starve this misandric beast in the future.

Domestic Violence Revelations with Erin Pizzey 5

Join Dean and Erin for a discussion on the concepts behind MGTOW. That’s right. An honest discussion of hypergamy and the problems with the legal system. In addition, we’re bringing you an interview withDr. Helen Smith and a reading from her new book–Men On Strike. The lines will be open with preference given to those men who self-identify as MGTOW.

AVFM News and Activism: Free for all 2

In lieu of guests tonight we will be bringing ourselves. Listen to the show as Robert delivers his stinging commentary on a variety of news stories, and James delivers curse laden invectives at feminists who piss him off. Call in! Join the fun! It’s a free for all! (Except gynocentrists, they have to pay!)

AVFM Special: Tom Matty

Tonight we will be talking to Tom Matty about his particualr case dealing with the courts in Canada. Join us as we discuss misandry, human right’s violations, and his continuing struggle to try and see his children. We will also be discussing Men’s Rights Edmonton and their upcoming events.

News and Activism: Dr. Tara Palmatier

Dr. T will be joining us tonight. We look forward to discussing her journey toward the discovery of the truth of human relationships. We will also talk about her views on the field in which she works and where she sees the future of it going. The proprietor of Shrink4Men.com always has valuable insights to tune in!