The fourth International Conference on Men’s Issues (ICMI18) is ON

Following the completion of contract negotiations with a London venue, we’re delighted to announce that the fourth International Conference on Men’s Issues (ICMI18) will be held in London over July 20-22, the long weekend after the weekend in which the World Cup final will be played. The venue is of a similar quality to the one where ICMI16 was held, a venue which received universal praise from conference attendees. Following the experience with Birmingham City FC, we shall be keeping the venue confidential, revealing it to ticket holders only, shortly before the event.

Many of the people who’ve paid £22.00 deposits towards their ICMI18 tickets were at ICMI16, and they tell us that as well as enjoying the talks, much of the pleasure they derived from the conference related to socialising with like-minded people over the three days, especially in the evenings.

Paul Elam will be the keynote speaker, with a talk titled, ‘The Men’s Movement – Past, present, and future’. The speaker list is here.

We shall be having dinners on the first two evenings, details of menus and ticket prices will be emailed to ticket holders a month before the event. During the first dinner we’ll be presenting Paul Elam with our Churchill award.

We’ve set ticket prices at the same level as they were at ICMI16:

  • £225.00 (Early Bird ticket, available to order until 24:00 on 31 December, whether or not you’ve already paid a £22.00 deposit)
  • £265.00 (Full price ticket, payable with one payment, or, if you prefer, three consecutive interest-free monthly stage payments. You’ll have to make the first stage payment no later than 24:00 on 31 January.)

You can book your tickets here. You can save the cost of your ticket by taking advantage of a generous offer from a leading portrait photographer who has taken official photographs of many well-known people. Details here.

We recommend you subscribe to this website, because you’ll then be notified of any news as soon as we publish it.

Tickets will not be available to order after 24:00 on 31 March.

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