Preparing for the next conquest

As you may have noticed, the tagline under the AVFM logo has changed. Gone is “Humanist Counter-Theory,” and up is “Changing the Cultural Narrative.”

The reason for the change is multi-faceted. One, in order to address disinformation spread in some corners of the internet, we are now making a clear statement about what AVfM’s mission is and has been since the start. There is a myth promoted at places like Return of Kings and some elements of the MGTOW community that the MHRM, specifically AVFM, is about lobbying the government for legitimacy and legal recognition. They are about as credible as the SPLC. What they say is simply not true.

AVFM’s mission focuses pretty much exclusively on changing the cultural dialogue. We have never lobbied politicians for laws, we don’t seek a “Violence Against Men Act,” or even changes in divorce and custody law. We admire, report on and support those undertaking such efforts but that is not the same thing as doing them. We are certain, though, that changing the cultural narrative — forcing a new dialogue — opens the door for laws to change in a positive way even if we are not interested in being an active part of that.

We do and have done quite well at what we are actually doing.

Today is a day of celebration about that very thing. The people at AVFM, both former and present, have worked hard over the past six years to tear through a part of the lace curtain in the insane cultural narrative about sex and power. We have clearly succeeded. While we cannot take direct credit for the recent and massive rise in anti-feminism, we can proudly say that we, and those who have supported us, have played a clear facilitating role in the fact that feminists no longer have an unchallenged platform in the world of sexual politics. They are, in fact, being more and more seen for what they really are; hateful, corrupt crackpots with no moral or intellectual legitimacy.

My hat is off to everyone in the MHRM, especially Team AVFM, for stellar work.

Moving past the misperceptions about the MHRM, there is another reason to clarify our mission. While there is light years ahead in actually addressing many men’s issues, our Phase One objective of kicking a hole in the door is done.

That is not a “Mission Accomplished” banner, dubiously strung across the deck of an aircraft carrier for the cameras. It is, however a turning point for AVFM strategically.

Now that we have established a business structure, a way to support AVfM Operations and Education, LLCs, which means the expense of running A Voice for Men, it is time for us to forge ahead with changing the narrative in more focused ways.

The tl;dr on that is that we are refitting the AVFM ship for furthering a narrative change deeper in the culture. This primarily involves pushing into the medical and mental health establishments with vocal and forceful challenges to the gynocentrism and ideology that permeates them.

That includes the sexual mutilation of children for religious, traditional or aesthetic reasons.  It also includes the upcoming mental health network for men, which I assure you will be no wallflower in the discussion of men’s mental health issues. You can expect some fireworks there.

The rise of humanitarian (and quite strident) non-feminism has hit the ideological community hard. Now we move deeper into their enclaves and push harder with more precision.

The AVFM platform, as is, will be a huge component of this model. You will continue to see great content and old style FTSU where needed. Our focus though is to ultimately make sure that the corrupt gynocentrism in the mental health and medical establishments is fully exposed to the light of day. That means the amount of content may sometimes ebb and flow as needs dictate.

We will do this until the percentage of those “helping” professionals who openly support feminism matches the abysmal numbers they are now scratching their heads over in the general population.

The time to make popcorn and watch is not quite at hand but then again it is likely a lot sooner than you think.

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